• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Papyrus1910

    Collection Merging the Stash with Collection?

    I feel like the Stash doesn't get the attention it deserves (at least for me). Most of the time, I use the Stash to check out how many Skill Points I have for each character, pick characters which I can afford to upgrade, and then upgrade them. It's a bit inconvenient to open the Stash, and...
  2. Papyrus1910

    Collection (Minor suggestion) Difficulty equipping moves and blockbusters

    Since this new update, I found it really hard trying to select a move and equip it to my fighter, since my taps only make the character fight rather than highlight the move I was just trying to view the stats of. If you could disable the ability to control your character by interacting with the...
  3. Papyrus1910

    Bug - Normal Prize Fight screen overlap bug

    https://imgur.com/a/h4BNH8Y https://imgur.com/a/ko3qLUr This occurred when I was picking my fighters for the Bronze Painwheel PF. I remember picking In Denile, then tapping the "Team" button in the middle, the screen just froze for a bit and this happened. I'm not quite sure if I touched the...
  4. Papyrus1910

    Bug - Normal Visual bug in Story Mode

    Some dates appear on top of these stories. Not sure what triggerred this though.
  5. Papyrus1910

    Other Loading screens after loading screens

    So I've invested quite a bit of time into the game, and so far I only have one issue with it: loading screens. Does it really necessarily have to appear after every action you do? I'm not trying to be offensive here; I'm just curious whether those loading times are shortenable, because they take...
  6. Papyrus1910

    Bug - Normal Bugs I found so far (2.7.1)

    - In any fighter's skill tree, once you zoom out, the page automatically zooms out as far as possible, and you cannot zoom in anymore. This bug disappears when you exit the skill tree, but still reappears if you zoom out again. - Fighter Scores are no longer instantly updated when you upgrade...
  7. Papyrus1910

    What do you think about BB3s at the current moment?

    It sure is much less frustrating than what it was in 2.5. Still, I still find this system a bit annoying, especially when fighting against opponents 2 or 3 times stronger than you, with a high AI difficulty. Most of the time I find myself blocking their hits, and once they've landed one, just...
  8. Papyrus1910

    As a beginner, how do you deal with unflinching?

    Unflinching has got to be one of the most annoying buffs in the game when your opponent is the one who's having it. When it's a Cerebella, you almost have no chance fighting against her, as whenever you try to throw her, you just get staggered and killed instead. So how do you deal with it...
  9. Papyrus1910

    Other Remove screen flashes whenever a character is defeated

    Every time that occurs, it just hurts my eyes a lot. There should be an option to remove it.
  10. Papyrus1910

    Other Should a "reforge" system be added?

    So like the name suggests, this allows you to customize your skills to make the most out of your team. For example, you have a Napalm Shot that gives Crit Resist, Element Resist, etc. And a bunch of other gold special moves that give random weak bonuses as well. And you want it to give offensive...
  11. Papyrus1910

    Other Slight performance issues

    I'm currently using the Zenfone 4 Max Pro with 3 gigs of RAM and Android 7 :) (which I suppose is more than enough for most games on the market at the moment?) The game often gets slowed down when I fight in certain areas although in the main menu, it runs quite smoothly. The framerate also...
  12. Papyrus1910

    What are the little important things that new players usually don't know about?

    Anything, ranging from fight strategies to resource management, etc. Some of mine: - Never EVER sacrifice a Gold/Silver fighter. - Pay attention to Signature Abilities. - Don't buy relics one by one. Those are all I can think of, do you guys have any suggestions?
  13. Papyrus1910

    How to progress more quickly in this game?

    I'm currently level 31, which is over halfway through the game, yet all my fighters are still considerably weak. My strongest one at the moment is Epic Sax Big Band with about 1800 fighter score. Do you have any tips in order to progress and level up my fighters more quickly? Thanks!
  14. Papyrus1910

    What to do with duplicate fighters?

    Greetings! I'm fairly new to the game, and I've collected a lot of fighters, and I think they're getting out of hand... I have a lot of bronze fighters (which are almost all duplicates) that I never use, and it's a chore scrolling through my collection. I also have a handful of bronze fighters...
  15. Papyrus1910

    Resolved Training

    Hello everyone! Nice to meet y'all! I'm pretty new to Skullgirls and the forum itself, so pls no flame. Okay, so after playing for a while, I found out that there's a "Training" button, and whenever I play that mode, I always get matched with very, VERY, tanky, opponents but they don't fight...