• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Kontol Kuda

    ROBOCOPY 2.0

    Not all reboots are worse than the originals! New in 4.3, when Robocopy takes fatal damage, he gains stacks of ARMOR and BARRIER! Robocopy is also more relentless than ever - every time he defeats an enemy he gains ENRAGE and METER! Hey, this is nice, even tho I still don't see...
  2. Kontol Kuda


    Eliza’s teammates can sleep easy! In 4.3, MUMMY DEAREST Special Moves will now drain only her own HP in exchange for 50% METER and enough HEAVY REGEN to quickly get all that HP back! Use her terrifyingly fast access to Blockbusters to unleash Sekhmet and get stacks of BLESSING ! Just take a...
  3. Kontol Kuda


    Time to put BLOOD DRIVE's self-inflicted BLEED stacks to good use! In 4.3 every time BLOOD DRIVE uses a Blockbuster she will now CONVERT all stacks of BLEED on HERSELF into long-lasting stacks of ENRAGE. PRO TIP: This applies to BLEEDS inflicted by her opponent too! So, she won't be...
  4. Kontol Kuda

    Bug - Crash *DELETE SOON* I LOST My Relics After The Patch

    Hello lovely people, About 6 hours ago I finally managed to upgrade this SGM app into the newest version. Once I did, there are some several installments to be done. Normal requirements. Before actually entering the Main Menu. Once it's done, I rushly checked all of my things from A to Z...