• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Boombustero

    Other How about a "to do" list?

    Good night fellows. I've been thinking during the playthrough about this... How about a "to do" list with achievements as long as we progress on the game? Completing specific missions to get rewards might encourage players to keep playing until the list is done. Like the usual "missions" but...
  2. Boombustero

    Resolved Bug concerning fighter selection.

    Good night fellows. This happened during todays (Jan 17th) PF Silver casket. I have tried to fight all three options available but... No success. Could you help me out? I'm playing on Android and the game version is 3.0.3. Sorry for eventual trouble caused. Ps. I tried to upload the full...
  3. Boombustero

    Bug - Normal Level up x2?

    Greetings fellows! So... Today I was playing Caturday Night Fever. After winning one of the fights, my level 35 Immoral Fiber evolved to level 37... The amount of experience earned wasn't enough for this event to happen. I'm playing on Android 7.0 system. Thank you for your attention, and sorry...