• [2018/06/22]
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  1. fanghoul

    First Impressions of Annie

    As some people have access to Annie now, either through luck or having saved up theonite or just spending cash, and I was curious what other people's first impressions were. So far compared to the other recent new releases (Fukua and Robofortune) I'm finding Annie a lot more intuitive to play...
  2. fanghoul

    Fights Lack of Late Game Pick Up and Play Options

    So, for various pandemic related reasons, I actually ended up playing the game dramatically less for the last month and a half. I've been picking it back up for the the Viva La FIesta prize fight, but I've noticed after being away that's a bit of a chore to just... play the game with my favorite...
  3. fanghoul

    Let's Be Friends!

    Whelp, now there's a friends function in the game! I think I might try and make a list of forum people here who might want to be friends in game. Here's a list of people so far, organized in alphabetical order by forum user name. Who else is part of the Forum Crew?
  4. fanghoul

    Risky Ginger Parasoul

    Another new video up https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1186087719413284864?s=20 Her look and quote are from Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? It appears that her SA gives her stacks of Enrage without timers on them when she crits when she intercepts, which then disappear one by...
  5. fanghoul

    Plot Twisted Squigly

    Another interesting preview https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1185748576669855744?s=20 Quote is from Alice in Wonderland, but she's not the Disney Alice. I think it might be American McGee's Alice? It looks like her SA auto-revives her with 50% life, 5 stacks of thorns and around 500% her...
  6. fanghoul

    Neuromancer Painwheel

    Link to Preview https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1184678329015648256?s=20 Name is the title of a book I don't know enough about to say anything more. Her SA appears to be INSANE, draining meter from her opponent when her attacks are blocked, and dealing damage to the back row fighters at...
  7. fanghoul

    "DJINN FRIZZ" - Strategy and Discussion

    DJINN FRIZZ FILIA Element: Fire Variant: Diamond Palette: Based on video game character Shantae, the half-genie Signature Ability Three Wishes Every 10 seconds gain 3 random BUFF(S) for 5 seconds. 33% chance when using a BLOCKBUSTER to convert 3 BUFF(S) into permanent ENRAGE. (Credit to...
  8. fanghoul

    Bug - Normal Cerebella v Assassin's Greed Soft Lock

    So I was fighting Harlequin while using Assassin's Greed in a Rift Battle. Harlequin was nearly at zero, then used Diamonds are Forever on me, and was trying to use Ultimate Showstopper after that. Assassin's Greed's SA killed her (and made her sprite darken) before Ultimate Showstopper could...
  9. fanghoul

    Did you keep your Silver and Bronzes?

    There's occasional complaints, particularly with the new master story mode, that some people just don't have bronze or silver characters. I know I've kept mine for the most part because I like the rewards for the bronze and silver prize fights, so I was surprised to learn that some people...
  10. fanghoul

    Fights New Throw Debuff Activation

    So everyone has probably already noticed that if Headstrong Cerebella or Wulfsbane Beowulf grab you, they now sometimes apply their debuff even if you break the throw. This is apparently an intended change. I've found a particularly obnoxious instance of this though: The Overload catalyst gives...
  11. fanghoul

    Bug - Normal Unexpected Death

    I haven't had a chance to recreate this, but I was in a Rift Battle on the boss node, fighting Dead of Winter and both my teammates were dead. When I used Forbidden Procedure to revive a dead teammate and instead instantly died and lost the battle. It's suppose possible that the timer ran out...
  12. fanghoul

    Claw & Order or Purrfect Dark?

    I finally have enough Ms. Fortunes to actually move one to diamond, but I'm struggling a little bit to decide which of my lv 50 ones to advance. I currently have Claw & Order and Purrfect Dark, though I suppose my Just Kitten is level 48. I'm inclined to evolve Claw & Order to 50, because I...
  13. fanghoul

    How long does it take Double to get to the right element?

    So I've been playing around with a diamond Doublicious with max Chaos recently, and there are fights where she just absolutely refuses to switch to the right element. I decided to do some basic statistics to figure out how long I should expect for her to get to the right element, and share the...
  14. fanghoul

    Bug - Normal Prize Fight Fight Scores Incorrect

    I've noticed that as I get into the a streak of ~40 in prize fights that it's no longer increasing my opponent's fight score as they get more difficult. So a Epic Sax with 9,000 fs at a streak of 16 is still 9,000 at 40. In the previous version, their fight score was going up to show that they...
  15. fanghoul

    Spending Theonite on Canopy Coins

    Does anyone ever trade in their Theonite for Canopy Coins? In most games trading in your premium currency for lesser currency would be a horrible mistake, but I'm starting to wonder if that's the case in this game. For one thing, I need Canopy Coins to upgrade my existing fighters much more than...
  16. fanghoul

    Resolved Free Characters

    Hoo-boy, I don't want to post about this one but... I've had a couple times now where I've I seem to have gotten characters for free. I just found them in my inventory without any knowledge they were there, without the normal "You got a thing" window. It's only really been noticeable because...
  17. fanghoul

    Best Light Element Character to Take to Diamond?

    I've nearly got three light elemental essences, and I really have no idea what I'd want to do with them. I think most people would say upgrading Epic Sax Big Band would be the right choice, but I find Big Band tedious to use for some reason. Diva Intervention Eliza and Doublicious are also...
  18. fanghoul

    Bug - Normal Resonant Evil stunning too soon

    So twice today I've been using Rusty Painwheel against a Resonant Evil, and I tried to throw him when he had zero stacks armor, only to end up stunned before the throw even completed, which doesn't seem right. If I haven't thrown him yet, he hasn't been hit, so he shouldn't have a stack of...
  19. fanghoul

    Fights Match time running out now more frequent

    There's been a number of changes introduced to the game at the same time, and many of them have the effect of increasing the time that a fight can take. To compensate, I'd suggest either giving us a little more time for the fights, or if it was just possible for us to win if the match timed out...
  20. fanghoul

    Bug - Normal Parasite Weave SA completely borked

    That title feels unhelpful, but I'm not sure of a better way to describe all of what's wrong with Parasite Weave right now. First off, her bleeds are procing regardless of when an enemy is stunned, they're just happening all the time apparently. It feels like they're procing even more than...