• [2018/06/22]
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  1. educavalcantee

    Resolved Free ticket spent without entering the rift

    I was starting my second queue for the rift today. The search didn't find oponents at the time, but my free ticket was spent. :(
  2. educavalcantee

    Catalyst Discussion

    So, let's start talking about them. Someone had luck with the catalyst relics?
  3. educavalcantee

    Bug - Normal Back dashing to the wrong direction

    Yesterday, in Parasoul's master daily event, I was using both Ultraviolent and Untouchable Peacocks in the boss node. When I was attacking parasoul with a ground combo, she died, and then was revived by the modifier. When Parasoul was doing the stand up animation, I dashed back, but my Peacock...
  4. educavalcantee

    Suggestion on Prize Fights team composition

    Hello everyone! I want to ask a suggestion about what characters to use in my PF defense team. I was blessed by RNG with some of the best defensive variants, so I would like you to help me create the best team composition :) Right now I have (all gold): * Surgeon General - Trauma Center *...
  5. educavalcantee

    Question about movestats

    Recently I've got two Inferno Brigades. First has %meter gain, %atk, %def. The second has %meter gain, %hp, %crit dmg. What is best suited for my primed?
  6. educavalcantee

    Bug - Normal Cerebella master daily wrong EXP gain

    Just happened: Fought the first node of Cerebella master daily (2 BF Bellas, 14k FS) and the exp that I received didn't match the level of the challenge. Edit: OTOH, the next 3 fighter node (upper side) gave way more exp than usual.
  7. educavalcantee

    Other Training mode suggestion

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to suggest a feature in the training mode, were we could tap to reset the cooldown of BB's and SM's. This way, we could train our combos while optimize the time. What do you guys think? :)
  8. educavalcantee

    Resolved Hemofilia not working on treasure node

    Happened a few moments ago. This was in Filia daily expert, on the right side treasure node.
  9. educavalcantee

    Post your natural diamond fighters progress

    How far are you from completing your natural diamond fighter skill tree? Is someone out there who is really really close to get the marquee? Already got it? Show us! :D
  10. educavalcantee

    Feline Lucky

    What do you think about Feline Lucky? She's worth to invest as a budget defensive fighter? Her SA2 procs often?
  11. educavalcantee

    Bug - Normal Rift Rating Drop

    Yesterday (01/10/2019) I won a rift battle, and my rift rating went to something between 1390-1397. Today I noticed it is 1377 and I didn't play any battles. I would like to have a print to show my number of battles and streak to compare, but I couldn't imagine that my rating would drop for no...