• [2018/06/22]
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  1. PharaohValentine

    Investment help

    So I've got a ton of fighters (mainly diamonds) I still want to invest in but I just don't know who to choose first. I know this isn't really a question with a right/wrong answer, but I'm really curious about what other players would do and would like to hear as many opinions as possible :) I...
  2. PharaohValentine

    Where to discuss

    So I'm not a new player, but I do have a question and I'm not really sure where to ask about it so I though the FAQ section might be a fair place to start. I was wondering; what would be the appropriate thread or forum-page if I want to spitball and discuss ideas for rift nodes? by which I mean...
  3. PharaohValentine

    Cast Party stacking?

    I was wondering about what happens when you put two or more Peacocks with the Cast Party marquee together in one team. Do the odds of unblockable tag-in stack? Or maybe multiply, as in, 50% + 50% of 50%, for a total of 75%, assuming two full lv.11 Cast Party ma's? Or do they not interact and it...
  4. PharaohValentine

    Squigly's projectiles

    So I was wondering, which of Squigly's attacks/hits count as projectiles? Or does anyone know some way to find this out? I imagine Battle Opera and Inferno of Leviathan are projectiles, but what about Silver Chord, Drag 'n bite and Drag 'n drop? And her regular attacks with Leviathan and...
  5. PharaohValentine

    Who to Diamond?

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I was wondering what you guys' opinion on this is. I currently have a diamond SG with Trauma Center + both an AG (with ICU) and a Tres Chique (about 50% skill tree so far and aiming for ICU) Now I have the dia fodder and shards to diamond...