• [2018/06/22]
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  1. z3r0d34th7

    pre-filled rift battles

    Hi, Since now rift battle modifiers change weekly, based on the " element type", couldn't we save a setup for each element, instead of having to change the setup each monday? That would make it way better imho...
  2. z3r0d34th7

    Making resources saleable

    Hey guys, is there a way to sell resources such as keys? If not, wouldn't it be cool if all resources were saleable? Personally i have so many unused keys i think i'll overflow back to 0 one day... Tell me what you think about it!
  3. z3r0d34th7

    Are relics rigged for Free-to-Play players?

    Hi everyone, Michael here. I've read in the game chat that people suggest newcomers to spend theo in the 10+1 pack instead of coins (which allows you to buy more relics and get a greater chance of getting "the good stuff", you can check for yourself on my other post "Excel with useful info")...
  4. z3r0d34th7

    Excel file with useful Info

    Hi all! I'm Michael ( A.K.A. z3r0d34th7 ), and i wanted to share with you an excel file i've been working on for a while. It allows you to know: 1) your odds with a given set of relics; just plug in the number of relics for each category and it will tell you what is the expected number of...
  5. z3r0d34th7

    Intresting Combo

    Hi all! Here's an intresting combo you can do with squigly: G5--> Drag N' Bite--> G5--> Drag N'Drop-->Inferno of Leviathan --> While the opponent is in the air, charge 1 stack --> Silver Chord while the enemy is dropping from Inferno--> g5--> up--> A5-->Battle opera--> sneak in some Grounds if...