• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Stilhouette

    Characters Diva Intervention's Color Consistency

    I'm not sure if it's intentional because it's the original character palette or what, but Eliza's Diva Intervention character card shows a blue dress while in game it's white. Can this be changed to be more consistent?
  2. Stilhouette

    Approx Gold and Theromites after 100% Story

    So I finished the story mode, 100% everything, and just want to share the approximate amount of gold and theromite one can expect (I haven't spent any Theromite, but spent some gold leveling some skills). Of course, this also included some prize fights and dailies over about 2 weeks. I didn't...
  3. Stilhouette

    How to beat River King Casino Bronze vs Gold Fight

    I'm stuck on a level in expert mode river king casino where the fight is 1 bronze fighter vs 2 gold fighters that have a combined score of 5007. Has anyone managed to beat this level yet? My highest bronze is a 774 Understudy Cerebella, but it's nowhere close to being powerful enough to beat...
  4. Stilhouette

    Prize Fight Reward Tiers

    I noticed that there isn't a lot of clarity as to where the players rank in prize fights, and hopefully it will be implemented in the future so we can know what to expect with our scores. So I think it would be great if everyone could post what score and what tier percentages they end up in just...
  5. Stilhouette

    Leveling skills/BBs

    Hi all, So I started playing a week ago, and finished about half of the story mode. I've read a bit of the forum to know that gold and theonites are harder to get later on, and i'm wondering whether you would suggest leveling up good moves (like George's day out). And what the max level you...