• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Tujae

    Bug - Normal Saved Game Data Disappeared

    I tried using the in-game "Contact Us" link, but it didn't work. I had been playing Skullgirls until December, when my phone broke. Now I have reinstalled the game on my new Moto G (5) Plus. I logged in with the same Line account as I used before. However, my game data seems to be completely...
  2. Tujae

    Bug - Normal Disappearing Gold Relic

    I was opening the second of two gold move relics I won in Story Mode. The second relic wouldn't open. It stayed suspended in its floating animation for several minutes. Then Robo Fortune popped in with an error telling me she couldn't reach the servers and to please try again later. The gold...
  3. Tujae

    Question For Players Online Right Now

    Are you able to access the game? Or is there maintenance going on right now? Note: I didn't post this in the Bug forum because I'm not sure I have a bug. I just keep getting an error... But I don't know if I should keep retrying to connect. I've already done so multiple times.