• [2018/06/22]
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  1. GEAR2SU

    Bug - Normal Nyanotech not converting Stuns into Enrage

    Hey, So to preface, when Nyanotech has her full SA, she has a 100% chance to convert any debuff into a stack of Enrage while benefiting from Barrier. So the issue I've been having is that when I'm inflicted with Fatigue from Fukua's Silver Prize Fight, the Stun gets through, even when...
  2. GEAR2SU

    Bug - Normal Circuit Breaker Robo-Fortune (audio bug)

    When using Circuit Breaker, and KO'ing the opponent before exploding, this happens: It sounds pretty silly, and it isn't gamebreaking. I've also noticed it being talked about in another place at the forums, but haven't found an actual bug report about it, so here we go :) Device is iPad...
  3. GEAR2SU

    Bug - Normal Shop giving a different item than it shows

    Hi, had a quick look and didn’t find any other post like this here: I went into the store, and saw a "Just Kitten", so I bought it as I need ms fortune. It instead showed me that I bought a bronze "Pummel Horse", and I do not have just kitten at all :/ https://imgur.com/a/L4s5EeE Linked is 3...
  4. GEAR2SU

    Bug - Normal Squigly (soft lock and visual bug)

    Not sure which category I should put this in, so I just put in Bug - Normal. So anyways, during Prize Fight, I used Squigly's "The Silver Chord" special, then Parasoul used her "Inferno Brigade" BB3, which ended up with something like this: Basically, I couldn't continue with the battle. I...
  5. GEAR2SU

    Squigly Prize Fight

    Hi! So I've recently started playing because I heard Squigly was coming to the game soon, and now with her coming around the corner, I'm wondering what score do you guys think would be safe for top 10% in her Prize Fight? I was able to get top 10% in the Peacock prize fight recently, so I feel...