• [2018/06/22]
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  1. heyy b

    Bug - Normal Beowulf Fukua normal grab bug

    I was using weekend warrior against a team with 2 fukuas in the wind pf. I had 3 hype levels, but i didnt use them throughout the fight. When I would do a successful grab against the fukuas (non-wulfshoot), It would do a grab that isn't his standard grab. He instead would do the grab animation...
  2. heyy b

    Fights Self Resurrection

    I think that the way resurrection works in the game needs some toggling. I was fighting as Bio-Exorcist Squigly and I died by a blockbuster. The blockbuster was able to kill me and killed off my resurrection health off as well since it was in one combo at high streak PF. I think the way that you...
  3. heyy b

    Different Fighter Scores?

    So I have noticed that in the Rainbow Blight speculation thread that its fighter score is 9545 maxed out and all. I just recently maxed out my Rainbow blight except for the energy skill branch which I'm almost positive has no effect on character's fighter scores. Its fighter score is different...