• [2018/06/22]
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  1. cerebella

    Bug - Normal Dashing?

    After the most recent update, the first dash attack in a traditional combo seems to not work roughly 90% of the time. This shouldn't be an opening, but the game treats it like it is? I'd blame this on being bad at the game, but I'm level 52 (took a hiatus. probably be 60 at this point...
  2. cerebella

    Bug - Crash 1.6.0 Forever authorization(doesn’t load, so im counting it as a crash)

    So, after asking some people on the update thread, and after letting sgm sit for a while- I’m assuming what I’m experiencing isn’t supposed to happen. Upon updating and opening sg, I’ve been stuck in the authorization screen forever. I’ve tried two wifi networks and data, and I’ve restarted my...
  3. cerebella

    mobile-specific art?

    in big band's origin story, there's a good amount of sprites of him before the iron lung. does anybody know if those are specific to skullgirls mobile, (as I haven't seen them on the wiki, but then again, i haven't played big band's story in pc skullgirls. been holding off on buying the dlc) and...
  4. cerebella

    some noob questions ^^;

    hello !! i'm pretty brand new to skullgirls as a whole (with the mobile ver being my first experience at all , though i intend to get the steam one soon. but that's not important so Anyway) and i'm pretty bad at.. everything. i'm slowly learning stuff, blah blah, and i've got some questions...