• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal Shadow Puppet SA wrong side

    I got KOed by Neuro's BB and ended up on the P2 side.
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    Other Let us stack multiple XP boosts, with diminishing returns

    I'm at level 70 and have most of the variants that I want, and I find the grind to be horrible even now. Of course we don't want to tank the economy, so let each successive boost be half as effective. e.g.: Use one 12hr boost, and one 4hr boost: gain 3x XP for the first 4 hours, then the...
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    Bug - Normal Game freezes when "THAT'S A WRAP!" appears on screen

    This is the second prize fight streak I've lost due to this freeze/crash, as it seems a victory isn't counted until the PF score/experience awarded screen. First freeze happened when I played as Valentine.
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    Fights Tech throws

    Ok the AI was way too bad about getting thrown in the previous patch, but now it's too much. The AI in higher streak PFs and Rifts will sometimes be content to block and do nothing and timer scam you. I get that there's no tribunal of fighting games forcing you to keep the attack/block/throw...