• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal BlockBusters won't register when clicked?

    Hey so I don't know if this is a bug or not (because on the patch notes it said that this bug was fixed?) but when i play my prize fights, sometimes when i click on the blockbusters it just would not register. Usually happens at the end of combos for some reason (i.e i would click on my...
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    List of prize fight rotations?

    Is there a complete list or calendar of when which prize fights for which character will appear? So far the only character i don't have in my collection is poltergeist squiggly and it seems that whenever her prize fight appears i can't play because of my schedule. Is there a calender or list of...
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    Speculation: Minted Relic PF

    Will the next minted Relic prize fight have the same fight modifier? I need to know to prepare my moves/skills.
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    New Gold cards

    From the FB page, it seems three new gold characters (painwheel, beowolf, Big band) are set to be released soon. Will they be available as a free to fight PF prize or will there be only one PF prize per character and every new gold palette will be theonite only exclusive items? the new beowolf...
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    Fights Make Prize Fights Top 10 Public

    I'm just really curious to see the amount of points it would take to get into the top ten of PF's, and also see who the best players of the game are. It would help motivate people to fight harder if there is a leaderboard and also help give credit to those who spend the most time/have the most...
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    What is cripple even?

    What does it mean to 'cripple' someone? Wulfsbane and headstrong both have abilities that inflict cripple onto an opponent and they're considered some of the best cards in game? I thought 'cripple' means to keep people from gaining positive abilities? but how does that make them strong? I...