• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Goatman302

    Other A List of Suggestions

    Instead of bogging the site down with like 10 different threads I'm going to save ya'll time and just post it in one decent chunk sided post. READER NOTE: The following post contains SUGGESTIONS and as such are that the sole discretion of the devs of the game if these are even decent enough to...
  2. Goatman302

    Other Potential Win-Win For Devs and Players

    So after running out of Coins again buying two gold upgrades I got to thinking "Man if only I could earn some more coins" and then I got this idea. This is an idea that has a chance if done right to help not only the makers of this wonderful game but also us the players without ruining the game...
  3. Goatman302

    Fights Possible Unflinching Change?

    Alright after losing 15+ Streaks over and over again to Unflinching via Untouchable and Armed Forces, I feel I have to speak up about this again. So Unflinching is a nice idea on paper but having heavy armor for 5+ seconds in any game is insanely OP. A consideration to making it less OP would...
  4. Goatman302

    Fights Combo BlockBusters

    So after some thought I was trying figure out how we could turn in the ability to combo one BB into another (like in main game) to extend combos and get another fighter out. Something like that here in the mobile game would be interesting to say the least to even consider here. So far this is...
  5. Goatman302

    Bug - Normal Odd Bug with tabbing out

    So on several occasions when I accidentally hit a notfication and tab out of the game I get some weird stuff. The most interesting is during combat, if I happen to tab out while getting hit when I come back and unpause I become unflinching to the first hit allowing me to break the combo. I...
  6. Goatman302

    Fights Game Mechanics Tweaks

    First off big fan of the game, it’s well done and in taste of the real game. I do however have a few problems others may or may not share and I’d like to discuss them here. 1. Unblockables gotta go, not only are they not fun to fight against but with certain moves can easily turn fights, for...