• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Xandoss

    Bug - Normal Inverse Polarity making sufferers immune to damage while suffering a Regen

    Inverse Polarity seems to be bugged, in that while suffering Regen and Inverse Polarity opponent becomes immune to damage caused by your character who placed Inverse Polarity. Bug is non-device specific and reported by multiple users / reproducible. Brought to my attention when I posted pic of...
  2. Xandoss

    Suggest: “Idol Threat” Strategy or discussion

    I couldn’t find a thread discussing ‘Idol Threat’ variant of Filia. She doesn’t seem all that bad after the 3.1 update buff, aside from the fact that they’re pretty easily played around when she’s your defense character on a node. Trying to possibly level her to use in Rift but don’t want to be...
  3. Xandoss

    Bug - Normal Modifiers not working as intended after 3.1

    After update 3.1 it seems that the increase to Attack and Health of Slayer or Juggernaut, etc. buffs in Rifts not showing up. This is making Rifts extremely easy, so any idea when this will be hotfixed? The same modifiers don’t seem to apply in high PF streaks for Dark Element PF this weekend...