• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Codlugarthia

    How long does it take....

    I wonder if you could advise how long it takes on average from reporting a cheater ingame via the official thread to banning/clearing a player? I ask this because I notice that my defense teams are getting much stronger and better equipped now i'm in late game and they are getting many more...
  2. Codlugarthia

    Resolved SG Summer Championship Message

    Hi I received a message today talking about the summer championships which ended with the line: "Enjoy these free gifts from all of us". There weren't any attached. I love the sentiment 🥰 but i'm assuming you actually meant to send something. Please note that I tried to respond using the...
  3. Codlugarthia

    Fights Mirror Mode

    Hi, I've mentioned this in some previous update threads where suggestions have been asked for but I would love to see a mode where the fighter orientation is swapped from attacking left to right over to right to left. That would be like unlocking a whole new range of difficulty, make all the...
  4. Codlugarthia

    Diamond Sparkles

    So this is a biggy. I was reviewing my growing collection of diamonds and I noticed they all sparkled at exactly the same time in exactly the same way. Once seen, this can never be unseen and I am left with a profound sense of mild 'its not quite rightness'. So deeply was I touched by this...
  5. Codlugarthia

    So which characters are on the 3 Banners in the centre part of the ceiling of Beowulf's Arena?

    I see Minnette, Umbrella and.... I just can't make out the the name of the third. Can anyone help out?
  6. Codlugarthia

    Move Slot Capacity

    Anyone else having to constantly micro manage their moves due to lack of space? I maxed out my move capacity a while back. But as I like to be have and fully equip 2 fighters of each variant I've run out room (one at its own level and one to take to dia). I guess I'm too lazy to build out my...
  7. Codlugarthia

    Shinies Everywhere

    Hi, Not my place to ask for new things for the game because it's fab and I know you guys work so hard to keep it that way. :) But it occured to me that everyone loves wholesome shiny goodies. So...... How about adding those rare shinies to the roster for moves and catalysts following the same...
  8. Codlugarthia

    Bug - Normal Move Upgrade Bug

    Hi I did a quick search but didn't see this posted elsewhere so apologies if it's a known issue. I've had several instances upgrading moves where I get defense +3% but it allocates to another attribute (eg block proficiency) instead. At first I though this was my imagination but I've just done...
  9. Codlugarthia

    Anyone else come across Freedom Fighter Beowulf yet?

    Came across him twice now after the release of 3.3 along with Blue Bomber RF. Are these characters playable or just NPC? Thanks for your help.