• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Nix

    Characters Molly!!!

    I wanna recommend MOLLY ! I wish that Molly will join the game soon! Shes a nice Character.
  2. Nix

    Should there be an Art Contest for new Characters?

    I really love this game and i want help where i can to improve it. HELP?! So i thought maybe we, The community, The fans, could help to improve it. The game has much characters but shouldnt there be more? Maybe a lot would be soooo happy if theres new Characters to play! All verteran and profi...
  3. Nix


    I cant find any Game in Versus! Again and again. Everyday i try to play online but theres no ENEMY? Thats pretty impossible, so i write here and report it. I dont know if its a bug but i hope its one. So u guys can fix it. I wanna rank up already. And why i have no Gold Character? One Crystal...
  4. Nix

    How to rank up? (Mobile)

    Hey guys i am playing SkullGirls for very very long ago. I am a comeback player and wants to know how to rank up. Cuz i see a lot of people in Chat that they have rank. (SkullGirls Mobile)