• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Nix

    Got a new Silver Cerebella!

    Got a new Silver Cerebella!
  2. Nix

    4.5.3 Update Notes (NOW AVAILABLE!)

    How u have got so much????+
  3. Nix

    Cerebella "Understudy" is Silver now!!!!

    Cerebella "Understudy" is Silver now!!!!
  4. Nix


    Thank you Bones! I try both versus modes. Everyday. I waiting each of them for 20 mins! Idk what to do
  5. Nix

    Other 2021 Roadmap Player Opinions

  6. Nix

    Characters Molly!!!

    I wanna recommend MOLLY ! I wish that Molly will join the game soon! Shes a nice Character.
  7. Nix

    Playing Cerebella "Understudy" to gold!

    Playing Cerebella "Understudy" to gold!
  8. Nix

    Well excuuuse me, Princess!

    I think that Parasoul already a queen shes only got called princess a lot of series is like this
  9. Nix

    Plot Idea: Skullgirl Minette :(

    WOW I must say that the story is....wow Its a very good idea. BUT...What can Minette do? How will she fight? Its something weird. Whats her SkullGirl Power? I think she wont fight. Shes just a good kid. My Idea I think Molly should get in the game. I know shes not a SkullGirl but shes cool...
  10. Nix

    Why did people think Samson was evil?

    I commit Molly! cuz i like her
  11. Nix

    Who are the strongest characters in the lore?

    I havent seen Lorenzo fight before...... Maybe thats why... 😅
  12. Nix

    Who are the strongest characters in the lore?

    I am surely that Cerebella is the strongest. I mean the storys said this. "She had a hat that only she can take it and use it" Robo mrs Fortune is just a robot. She's not very strong. But multiplicand. But whats with Annie? She has the Star Power...? And Eliza is maybe undead but not very...
  13. Nix

    About Christmas Mail Rewards

    The daily reward shouldnt be able to claim in mail? It should be automatically add to ur collection I was not online during the christmas event so i wont get any rewards 😅
  14. Nix

    Should there be an Art Contest for new Characters?

    I love Cerebella! But theres never cerebellas points in the shop :(
  15. Nix

    Should there be an Art Contest for new Characters?

    I really love this game and i want help where i can to improve it. HELP?! So i thought maybe we, The community, The fans, could help to improve it. The game has much characters but shouldnt there be more? Maybe a lot would be soooo happy if theres new Characters to play! All verteran and profi...
  16. Nix

    OFFICIAL: Skullgirls Mobile General FAQ

    which new App do you mean?
  17. Nix


    I cant find any Game in Versus! Again and again. Everyday i try to play online but theres no ENEMY? Thats pretty impossible, so i write here and report it. I dont know if its a bug but i hope its one. So u guys can fix it. I wanna rank up already. And why i have no Gold Character? One Crystal...
  18. Nix

    New fighters

    I dont even know what u mean.
  19. Nix

    How to rank up? (Mobile)

    Hey guys i am playing SkullGirls for very very long ago. I am a comeback player and wants to know how to rank up. Cuz i see a lot of people in Chat that they have rank. (SkullGirls Mobile)