• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Neherenia

    Resolved Bug or what? Solved

    The last few days I've seen that when I play, sometimes the opponent doesn't care who causes me to wither and hex when he hits me, and it doesn't have to happen since there is no combat modifier that causes that in battle or that the enemy has own, it already happened to me with several...
  2. Neherenia

    Resolved Eliza bug not gain regenerate

    Eliza should gain 4 regenerates but she only gets 3, this issue sometimes happens and sometimes not, sometimes when I use a Blockbuster she doesn't gain regenerate only inflicts bleed, here is an example with big band, it should be 4 regenerates but she only get 3, with the last Blockbuster she...
  3. Neherenia

    Bug - Normal Log in issues again

    Cannot play again the same problem with the game just right now
  4. Neherenia

    Bug - Normal Big band

    Big band no se cubre cuando cerebella golpea abajo durante su combo. Mismo problema desde la aplicación anterior de line. Aunque bloquees cerebella rompe el bloqueo cuando ataca por abajo.
  5. Neherenia

    Bug - Crash Bug crash

    Anyone else has the same problem? When I "feed" a character with another useless for me, everything is fine for a moment, after that, the game crash and close it. Always, always, aaaalways the same, but only when i do this. Since the past version. Sorry if I wrote it wrong I'm still learning...