• [2018/06/22]
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  1. ghufronaka

    Bug - Normal Modifier "Mimic" allows infinite BB3s

    U just supposed to be emptied your BB as soon as it full. Or u will fill ai bb guage. Cmiiw, in peacock event there is modifier "instant-replay", which auto refill bb or sm after using it. I'm not remember it clearly.
  2. ghufronaka

    Remove Prize Fight Golds from Relics (EDITED)

    This is great solution. Should be implemented to end this discussion. About this petition: Fairness is important, to new and old player. Thats why i object this petition. About duplicate, it's a problem even from starter player who only have a bunch of bronze duplicate. But back then, you have...
  3. ghufronaka

    [Strategy] Kamikaze

    I use immoral fiber as defence team in pf. Combine with bio-exorcist and wulfsbane. Main attacker bio-exorcist with SA to survive and wulfbane to damage only. Hoping this double will help bio-ex survivability
  4. ghufronaka

    I dislike Dreadlocks Filia Reflecting Damage When I Hit Her

    If you throw dreadlock, is it reflect the damage?