• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Nelltaker

    Bug - Crash Game Crashed in the middle of a fight.

    I just lost my streak yet again due to crashes. This really sucks
  2. Nelltaker

    Bug - Crash Game Crashed in the middle of a fight.

    Today while playing the A Class of One’s Own Prize Fight, on my 19th fight, the game crashed unexpectedly and I lost my streak. My device is perfectly compatible with Skullgirls and have not had many issues like this in the past, until recently. I had an 18 Fight win-streak going, and would like...
  3. Nelltaker

    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    Taken today at 5:53 P.M. IST
  4. Nelltaker

    Bug - Normal I opened a gold relic, my fighter didn’t show up.

    I had opened a gold relic a few minutes ago, and I got a Diva Intervention Eliza from it. However, upon going to my collection, it wasn’t there. I tried using filters like the gold fighter filter and the Eliza character filter, but she didn’t show up. I will also send a support ticket along...
  5. Nelltaker

    SG Custom Fighters

    Anyone think that for like an anniversary, Skullgirls will pick 3 to 5 fan palettes that will be IN the game for a limited time?
  6. Nelltaker


    I have a sort of general question. I already own 2nd encore on steam, so how will I get Annie when she comes out ?
  7. Nelltaker

    Other I did not receive my relics purchased with Theonite.

    I have had the same issue twice. Hope they fix it soon and give me the relics that I bought but didn’t receive.
  8. Nelltaker

    Bug - Normal Multiple issues with the game.

    Ok, so I think 4.3 has been a rough road for the developers here and I know it’s probably a burden for them, so I’m going to say something before I list out the bugs. I understand that you developers have lots of bugs to work on and maybe not enough time, and also a backlog in your support...
  9. Nelltaker

    Bug - Normal Catalog not showing fighters in my collection

    I think everyone has this same problem. I’m missing over 30 fighters in my collection.
  10. Nelltaker

    What future events would you like to see?

    Maybe an Indian themed one. I am a proud citizen of India, and I would like some Indian based prize fights. Considering Diwali is the most well known festival, and is famous for all of the fireworks we use, I’d say that would be a pretty good choice! If you choose to implement this idea, that is.
  11. Nelltaker

    Bug - Normal I lost my theonite.

    Thats the thing. I’ve reported five times, the earliest being somewhere in May and I didn’t get a response. That’s why I am sceptical about this. Also, I’ve reported the missing Theo thing three times to support.
  12. Nelltaker

    Bug - Normal Unresolved Issue - Lost Theonite, 0 relics

    I had contacted customer support about losing my theonite and getting no relics a few days ago, and there still has been no response. I had used 1000 Theo to get one 10 + 1 pack, and lost my Theo and didn’t get relics. Please do not ask me to contact support again, I’ve tried many times, it’s...
  13. Nelltaker

    Bug - Normal I lost my theonite.

    This is not the first time this has happened. I spent 400 theonite before, and I lost it and received 0 relics. I tried restarting the app, it didn’t work. I reported it, but I got no response. But today, I spent 1000 Theo to get a 10+1 premiere relic pack and again, I lost my Theo and didn’t...