• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Lasatar

    "Heat Synced" - Strategy & Discussion

    Heat Synced Rarity: Diamond Element: Fire Palette: Annie (League of Legends) Quote: "You smell like burning." Signature Ability: SEARING STARS Currently unknown. SA Speculation: SA1: When using a Special Move or Blockbuster, gain ENRAGE for X seconds. SA2: Upon landing a Charge Attack...
  2. Lasatar

    "Galactic Glamour" - Strategy & Discussion

    Galactic Glamour Rarity: Silver Element: Wind Signature Ability (speculative): PERFECTLY BALANCED: When hit, have a % chance to gain AUTO BLOCK for x seconds When hitting the opponent while benefitting from AUTO BLOCK, have a % chance to inflict GUARD BREAK for x seconds. AUTO BLOCK appears...
  3. Lasatar

    "Solar Flair" - Strategy & Discussion

    Was getting impatient for the thread to be created so I'm doing it myself I guess. Solar Flair Rarity: Bronze Element: Fire Signature Ability: DRAGON INSTALL: SA1: STAR POWER meter accumulates 25/x/x% faster SA2: When activating STAR POWER at full meter, gain permanent HASTE and 3/x/x stacks...