• [2018/06/22]
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    Fights BB3 happens too frequently to silver or weaker teams

    After a dozen matchs in this new update between my silver team around 5000 with the enemy is 18000 and above. I notice that if my team FS is much weaker than the enemy, they tend to unleash the BB3 almost everytime they have lost 50% of their health. That almost or instantly kill a 2000k silver...
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    Fights Peacock vs painwheel unpredictable juggle

    Did someone notice that when Peacock finish her air combo and knock Painwheel away, Painwheel fly pattern is very unpredictable?Sometimes she drops near you but sometimes she drops far away. Is there a way to fix or predict how she drop herself as I feel it is just a bit weird, especially how we...
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    Fights Gregor Samson get blocked by Cerebella tag in

    Like how can it be, Filia's Gregor Samsom is a blockbuster and it can cancel tag in of all others like the unblockable charge attack,except Cerebella. When Cerebella drops from above she can cancel the whole blockbuster while taking no damage or ger knocked back as well lol. Just lost another...
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    Bug - Normal Blockbuster cheaters

    Recently I found a lot of people equip their characters with more than one blockbuster of the same type,and that is kind of forbiden. It makes them to have huge advantage in case the BB is s very strong one like it cost 3 to even 5 ability points. I don't have exact proof who did that cause I...
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    Squigly animation is amazing

    I have to admit the Squigly animation is the best among Skullgirls characters. I have never seen any characters that standing animation is as smooth and lively as her. Big thanks to Skullgirls team.
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    Would you fight them

    I have a very bad history when facing armed force or untouchable, mainly because my force is 2 - 3 times weeker than them, and they can trigger unflinching for a very long period, meaning that we can do nothing but block. Do you guys have any strategy to kill team with untouchable and armed...
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    Ready for a big show

    I wonder how far would you go in gold prize fight with this team. This team is my strongest, and my record so far is 21 streak. I just want to know how is the top fighters performance compared to mine.
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    Fights Unfair defending team

    I found several people making a weird defending team. Though it is not a big deal but I think we need to have a good gaming practice rather than trying to beat others with this kind of trick
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    Fights Bugs in 2.2

    I have found some bugs in the new version,hopefully we can solve it in the next update.After prize fight the score chart appear but the button continue doesn't, making me to restart the game(very often).The version doesn't seem to run well with android 7.0 as the game or the fighters may stop...
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    Accursed experiment win

    I wonder how your team was when you first won the Accursed experiment game. I win 1 game today with 3 lv 40 silver, total power is 7664.
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    Fights AI defect

    Is it just me or everyone has the problem of AI fighters triggering blockbuster while they are still being hit in the combo? It is quite annoying as it turns the tide immediately.