• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal Report to mistranslation for korean 1 more

    Story mode - going all in - river king casino - boss room has wrong number both fighte modifier explain in korean word
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    Bug - Normal Did'n work Precision buff with Head hunter's Unblockable attack

    1hit unblockable Precision attack on meow&Furever. And work on Meow's signature ability what Gain Final stand But I know that 'Precision attack' Restrain signature ability It's same bug against 'Kill joy' 1hit unblockable Precision attack on Kill Joy. But revive teammate. and Same bug...
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    Bug - Normal Hex did't work with Djinn Frizz

    And I here in game chat board that 'Purrfect Dark' has same bug
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    Bug - Normal Report to mistranslation for korean

    1. 설정이: what's mean? I suggest favorite to 인기 or 선호도 or 하트(heart's transliteration for koean) 2. Futile resistance
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    Catalyst Discussion

    I'm rage when playing rift battles. I'm Korean and My Grade is Diamnond 3. But I didn't win however Never clear boss room or another rooms Because Catalysts. Example : room buff Reactive armor + Catalysts: Autoimmune + Catalysts: Phraohmones It's not a boss room but I didn't Clear My Party is...
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    Bug - Normal Sometimes didn't touched BB&SA&NA during Battles

    I has Ipad 2 10.5inch ans ios 12.2 Sometimes didn't touched BB&SA&NA during Battles. Touched BB&SA icon but didn't act BB&SA sometimes Also sometimes didn't touched during normal attack combo and A.I Immediately Counter BB It happened before normal combo finish motion and I touched rapidly...
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    Bug - Normal Characters facing the opposite side after defeating an opponent.

    Same bugs me too. Sometimes my character turn back When enemy down on ground and Attacking wrong direction
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    Catalyst Discussion

    Maybe I didn't play Lift battles after CATALYSTS updating. This system is critical point for Win. Fasten winner When before battles? I never enjoy to battle. I didn't want a work.
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    태생 실버 이하 키울만한 캐릭

    냥이의 장난 방어캐로 어마 무시합니다. 현상금 고연승에서 냥이의 장난 상대하는데 평타 중 회피하더니 바로 블버 써서 내캐릭 즉사시켰네요 ㅎㅅㅎ 순간 렉으로 인한 버그인줄 알았습니다. 리프트 대전에서 보스 윗방 : 상대 평타 중 회피 & 방어 -> 기절 (방 디버프)로 꽤 좋고 아래에서 두번째 왼쪽방 : 상대 평타중 카운터 -> 기절(피격시 기절시킴)으로도 잘 어울립니다. ㅎㅅㅎ
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    Bug - Normal Connection error during Rift battle

    same bug me now I lost the match once and then hit connection error, after which I choose to reconnect and I soon into the battle and I won. but no gain 'First fighter use' point , I feeled ??? and onemore time hit connertion errror, and reconnert but return back main and I reopen lift...
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    Bug - Normal Burst bug

    Can use burst when stagger It’s a bug? or system changing?
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    Bug - Normal Squigly has a bug with Friday daily event Ms. Fortune

    Why reset all B.B&S.M when charging a tail in Saturday daily event Ms. Fortune? WYRM's Tail is not B.B&S.M. It's a Character ability Another character don't reset when using a Character ability. But only Squigly get reset. It's unfair Fix it please Oh, sorry I mistake today for friday...
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    Bug - Normal Bio-Exorcist didn't revive after precision buff

    I have Ipad pro 10.5 /ios 12.1 Ms. fortune prize fights gold give 5 precision buffs when my character's HP 10% down. I grab a Bio-Exorcist and charge 2 tales in Ms. fortune prize fights gold Bio-Exorcist was struck by Ai and she get 5 precision buffs. And she charged 2 tales already. Hp...
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    Bug - Normal Burst trouble(2.7.1update)

    some user saying that Ai can use burst while he(she) is stuned please burst patch
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    Bug - Normal Burst trouble(2.7.1update)

    I think it is a bug I play a Squigly and has trouble Drag'n'Bite with Enemy's burst Ai can't use burst while he(she) is struck on Drag'n'Bite before 2.7.1 update But now Ai can use burst while he(she) struck on Drag'n'Bite It is same burst bug 2.6 update? when 2.6 update after Ai Can use...
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    Resolved Lag in the fights

    I has Ipad pro 10.5 and update 2.7 now game has frame drop when strike on enemy
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    Bug - Normal Cannot openprize fight or daily events

    Almost players has same error and me too
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    Resolved Error code: 2.UDE.42

    Same error for my account Display name: !샤베루! ID : 2W3A-ICSG