• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal Annie ageless wonder massive damage glitch

    When playing Annie ageless wonder on a “clone with my thoughts” when Annie has precision due to immobilize and amor break proc’d on AI . Using star power causes projectiles to do almost full health burst damage to the ai while they are blocking. The same damage does not happen when the ai is not...
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    Bug - Normal Prize fight more than 50% barrier

    Using xbot robo Fortune causes herself to gain more than 5 stacks of barrier stacking infinitely when knocked down.
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    Bug - Normal Fukua shadow puppet SA gltichy

    If the fatal blow is a critical her SA does not activate and she just dies. Sound stops but time and ai movement does not.
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    Pc up adress ban just because I could figure out my password

    I was trying to figure out my password than my ip got banned on my pc. It claimed that I was a spam bot lol. I was using my cell which is already logged on as a hotspot so now I can’t get on this website unless I use WiFi