• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Tao

    Bug - Normal Bug involving big top bella

    I was playing parasoul's origin story and i was on the fight with two big tops. I was using surgeon general and when encore triggered, i used vial hazard c and it insta killed bella. Pretty confused right now. (Yes, i know its extremely hard to believe)
  2. Tao

    Fights Add in assists

    In the pc/console version, you can make a fighter who isnt currently active, jump into the action, use whatever attack you assigned, and then they will retreat back to safety. It would be pretty neat if the feature can be added to the mobile version. Of course while they are on the screen, they...
  3. Tao

    Other Option to disable auto-fight?

    I find the feature pretty weird and awkward. Maybe in a future update, an option to disable the feature can be added?