• [2018/06/22]
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  1. BlueG

    A question

    Can the opponent bounce on the ground during G5? (I know it's spercific but...i had some troubles during PvP)
  2. BlueG

    Preventing infinite combos

    I wonder what did devs do to prevent infinite combos from happening aside from the one bounce system?
  3. BlueG

    Terms help

    So.....what is interupt? Also, what is guard cancel? These are fairly new concept to me as a new player
  4. BlueG

    Bug - Normal Wrong text

    I notice this on my characters when i checked their stats. Is it supposed to say "decreases" instead of "increases"? Android 8.0.0 Samsung J5 prime
  5. BlueG


    So......What is consider a projectile?
  6. BlueG


    Is using a vpn cosidered cheating? (My current location sucks at finding anyone in versus mode, rift works fine though)
  7. BlueG


    Um....is this means i lost or i won?
  8. BlueG

    Um...is this a glitch ?

    Help,pls! Squigly can combo her juggle into squigly's battle opera,right? Why can't i do that in my footage? I even check my oponents position relative to the ground and it still works if my opponent is lying flat (right after a juggle)