• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Chocostix

    "Against Big Band" combo.

    pls ignore literally everything wrong with the video I'm actually curious though. How many of y'all actually don't know that you can connect PH immediately after her juggle?
  2. Chocostix

    Discovery I made in 'Stash'.

    It seems that 'Rift Battles' might be a 'survival' or 'boss raid' type of mode, considering the fact we only have 2 free entry currencies daily, and other entries would have to come from a different type of entry currency.
  3. Chocostix

    Bug - Crash Unplayable in this version.

    Model: Note 3 Version: 5.0 So I'm in a pickle as of now. Apparently the latest update of Skullgirls, 2.6.1 I believe, crashes me with the 'stopped working' message box in many occasions. 1) Randomly. 2) Every time I start up a match when pressing 'FIGHT!' so I basically cannot play this game...
  4. Chocostix


    Anyone's game crashing frequently after the most recent update? It's randomly occuring for me so I'm wondering if anyone else is suffering the same.
  5. Chocostix

    Fights Shell Stunned for decades.

    I think many have already known that Parasoul's event modifiers are pretty annoying as heck if you get hit once and it initiates the god forbid stun that lasts a decade while your opponent stands there like a dumb oaf before proceeding to ATTACK you again once the stun is gone, repeating the...
  6. Chocostix

    Filia (and Fukua) talk.

    So I recently discovered that Filia's Drill Tempered (which is Fukua's BB1 in actual Skullgirls keep in mind) now has the 'Get ready!' voice clip once you initiate the BB. Would this now mean that Fukua would have a whole new BB to replace Filia taking Drill Tempered?
  7. Chocostix

    Question about collection space.

    Has anyone found out the limit to fighters collection space or is it simply unlimited? Just want to know before I bust out every Theonite on more probably useless room.
  8. Chocostix

    No more Tears left to cry(?)

    A quickie. How many Tears can be left in the field with Para? I also wanna know what are your tips and tricks on using Tears for your Parasoul variants (since there's not much going on in her threads...).
  9. Chocostix

    Mortuary Drop Discussion Thing.

    A grappling-type move is now available for unlocking in the next update, 2.6. A preview video of it is up in the official SGM Twitter page. In a nutshell, it is a fast grappling move that can travel and chase down opponents from surprisingly far distances, similar to Beo's Wulf Shoot. Suck it...
  10. Chocostix

    Chaos Banish Discussion Thing.

    The A.I exclusive move, Chaos Banish, is now available for unlocking in the next update, 2.6. A preview video of it is up in the official SGM Twitter page. In a nutshell, if connected properly, it will immediately(?) remove ALL BUFFS from opponent and inflict a lengthy HEAL BLOCK. So now, you...
  11. Chocostix


    I'm just curious, is her launcher supposed to be much more slower than other fighters? It just doesn't seem to respond well after her ground combo.
  12. Chocostix

    Dialogue in Parasoul's Origin Story

    So... what's up with the Skull Heart's dialogue during the Canopolis chapter? With them laughing and the dialogue box not presenting it quite well and all.
  13. Chocostix

    Thoughts on current Valentine.

    I don't even know why I'm posting this so please don't hate me if I get some stuff wrong. I honestly hope that Valentine gets a buff in 2.5. She seems to be the least impactful Fighter out of the entire cast right now. Her combo game is possibly the worst, her role as assisting is pretty...
  14. Chocostix

    Exclusive Fighters?

    I would like to address this issue about the 5 exclusive characters in the Elemental Relics. I don't know how to start off honestly. It seems weird to have 5 Fighters to be excluded in 5 DIFFERENT Relics and not have them obtainable through 'normal' Premium Relics. They seem to be late-game...
  15. Chocostix

    Bug - Normal Double Daily Event Crash

    Me: Heavy Reign Parasoul Bot: Dead of Winter Squigly What happened: Used Motor Brigade on Immoral Fibre. Somehow it tagged out before the BB happened and Squigly's casket arose before she got hit by the multiple bikes... (Squigly's health bar did take damage but she was still on her tagging-in...
  16. Chocostix

    Really bad question.

    Why do some Outtakes don't freeze time? (e.g: Painwheel and Valentine.)
  17. Chocostix

    About the UI.

    Got a question to all of you peeps. How would you think they will handle these things in the future. Would tagged-out fighters' Blockbusters and Specials be viewed on how it is cooling down? Would the UI from console Skullgirls be replicated into this game? I wanna hear your thoughts. (since i'm...
  18. Chocostix

    Bug - Crash Peacock Daily Event Crash

    I'll try to explain the best in muscle memory. So I was going about in Advanced difficulty in Peacock's Daily Event. I completed the first 4 fights (the starting 2 and the other 2 leading down.) and I entered the right treasure node. Was Rerun Peacock and facing Firefly Painwheel. Fight only...