• [2018/06/22]
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  1. J

    New PF system (Part 2)

    http://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/new-pf-system.3162/ <-- Part 1 Second part to my question asked in the post above. *"A lot" in the poll means more than 10.
  2. J

    New PF system.

    Just a little poll.
  3. J

    Most useful Gold Prize Fight fighter reward.

    I for one think that Parasite Weave Filia is the most useful. Her stuns and bleed make high streak prize fights a breeze. My case in point. As seen here, Moist is able to solo a 40+ steak fight in under 2 minutes. Pretty good for levelling up 2 fighters at the same time, pretty useful in my...