• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Lililira

    Relic Odds & Currency Efficiency

    A thread compiling all the relic odds calculations I've done over the years. I'll fancy it up a little later with the full equations and such so folks can double check my math, but for now I'm just gonna copy & paste the raw values from the excel sheet I've been keeping. Table of contents...
  2. Lililira

    Bug - Normal Mid-Battle and mid-Ad crashes, new today

    Starting earlier today, I've had multiple mid-battle crashes during Prize Fights. It started after I got a specific Ad for the first time ever, which also crashed mid-advertisement. Almost all other times I've gotten this Ad (or another Ad for this game) it's caused a game crash, and it seems to...
  3. Lililira

    Bug - Normal Rift Matchmaking - Rating Mismatch

    Have had a couple of instances of this so far, but sometimes I get matched against folks wayyyy below my Rift Rating when refreshing my opponent list. Example from a few weeks back: This person had a base pretty close to what I'd expect a Silver 3 player to have (mostly unmarqueed nat golds...
  4. Lililira

    Collection Collection Searching Improvements

    Each category of the collection has a searching system that works pretty well for most situations, but has some room for improvements. Fighters Filter non-Favorited fighters: Pretty simple, just a filter that only shows non-Favorited fighters. It would make it a lot easier to keep track of how...
  5. Lililira

    Bug - Normal Login Error - 2.PARAM.2

    Got a bunch of Error 0's trying to do things in the game, and then got a 'Session Expired' error and booted to the start screen, and ever since I've been getting this error (approx 30min): Is this just a normal update-hype induced server hiccup from so many people being online or should I be...
  6. Lililira

    Collection New Catalyst Filter: Non-Character-Specific

    We have a way to search through Catalysts by sorting them by character, but right now there's no good way to find non-character-specific Catalysts, like regular Curse of Knowledge or Armor Rating. The only way to find them right now is by not sorting at all and having to scroll through your...
  7. Lililira

    "Star Child" - Strategy & Discussion

    Star Child Twitter Post Rarity: Bronze Element: Wind SA: Star Dust While in STAR POWER mode, each hit blocked by the opponent has a 10% chance to inflict GUARD BREAK and SLOW for 15 seconds. BLOCKBUSTERS deal 50% bonus damage while in STAR POWER mode.
  8. Lililira

    Bug - Normal Water Required on High Tide Attack?

    I know the patch notes mention that for character / element pfs you need someone who matches on your defense team, but it mentions nothing about requiring them on attack, and the character pfs don't have any additional attacker requirements. Currently, the High Tide pf requires a Water fighter...
  9. Lililira

    Bug - Normal Catalog not showing fighters in my collection

    The catalog only seems to be showing the fighters I've obtained since the 4.3 update was released, and not any of the other fighters I currently have in my collection. Everyone I've obtained prior to 4.3 is missing from my catalog, even though I have a copy of every fighter I've ever obtained...
  10. Lililira

    Bug - Normal Reopening Viewing Parlor after 'No Ads Available' error resets VP timer

    Sometimes when entering the Viewing Parlor to view an Ad I get a 'No Advertisements Available' message. After closing this message and the Viewing Parlor, the next time I open it it takes a second to connect, then resets the 2 hour timer as if I had just finished watching an Ad, even though I...
  11. Lililira

    Bug - Normal Craic Some Heads - Rank Cutoff Discrepancy

    Hi, I saw the most recent Twitter post and noticed that for the Craic Some Heads PF there was a rather large difference between the top 100 cutoff shown there and the one posted in the PF / Rift Score Reports thread. Twitter Post: https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1242207870235574275 Cutoff...
  12. Lililira

    "Feathered Edges" Fukua - Strategies and Discussion

    Feathered Edges Twitter Post: https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1240427541690748929 Rarity: Gold Element: Water SG2E Palette: #4, based on Falco from the Star Fox series, but probably a more direct reference to him in Super Smash Bros SA: Fukua Phantasm 1: A well-timed BLOCK grants 1 / 2 /...
  13. Lililira

    "Chameleon Twist" Fukua - Strategies and Discussion

    Chameleon Twist Rarity: Silver Element: Wind SG2E Palette: #12, reference to Reptile from Mortal Kombat SA: Acid Reflex 1: Gain MIASMA for 5 seconds when HITTING a DASHING opponent. 2: 5% chance when HIT while a BLOCKBUSTER is charged to gain EVASION and MIASMA for 5 seconds. My Thoughts: -...
  14. Lililira

    "Rain Shadow" Fukua - Strategy and Discussion

    Rain Shadow Twitter Post: https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1238250878508859393 Rarity: Silver Element: Water SG2E Palette: #11, reference to Rain from Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 SA: Phantom Rains 1: 15% chance when landing a BLOCKED HIT to inflict ARMOR BREAK and POWER SURGE for 10 / 12 / 15...
  15. Lililira

    "Infernal Twin" Fukua - Strategies and Discussion

    Infernal Twin Twitter Post: https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1237907220928573443 Rarity: Bronze Element: Fire SG2E pallette: #2 SA: Boiling Point 1: When hitting an attacking opponent, gain Enrage for 15 seconds and refresh the duration of all Enrages. 2: When Hit while benefitting from 3...
  16. Lililira

    Hoarding Relics for Fukua!

    With 4.2 on the horizon, Fukua is on the way! So, a while back I figured hoarding relics for a mass-opening might be fun, so I've been saving them for a few months now. My logic is that the 2x boost for Fukua both gives me a better shot at the new variants, and it'll significantly reduce the...
  17. Lililira

    Bug - Normal Visual Bug - Parasoul Relic Pack banner missing image

    Just a small visual bug I encountered in 4.1.1, after leveling a silver Parasoul to 40 and getting the 10+1 relic offer. The banner is missing the center relic image. Also, wasn't the store page supposed to get a change to group similar offers together in this update? Except for this error...
  18. Lililira

    Bug - Normal Xbot's SA2 triggered while near opponent, Ms Fortune pf

    Simply put, Xbot's SA2 was being triggered abnormally, while she was cornered and not far away at all. I think it's a result of gaining Precision from the Ms Fortune gold PF modifier. I don't have a way to record video unfortunately, otherwise I would be able to show exactly what was...
  19. Lililira

    Resolved Health percentages disappear

    Sometimes during a battle, the percentage displays on the health bars will disappear. Admittedly, I noticed this bug a while ago (I think I first noticed it after the 4.1 update), and have been trying to pin down any consistencies between its appearances, but I can't find any strong...
  20. Lililira

    Bug - Normal Fishbone Challenge (30 hit combo) only counts after 31 hits

    I noticed when trying to get the last few of these done that when you score exactly a 30 hit combo in Fishbone Master for the challenge, it doesn't count. It only checks off the challenge if you score 31 hits or more. This might also apply to the other difficulties with their challenges too...