• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Killem

    Opinion time: Who are the best comp PvP players right now?

    I feel I am going through the same tournament arc like you did then right now. Ever since the update, which I've been told isn't optimal for older phones like mine, connection's been pretty rough. I'm experiencing interruptions in between true combos, as well, and some dashes are straight up...
  2. Killem

    Opinion time: Who are the best comp PvP players right now?

    I mean, I generally hang around wherever the game drops me which is usually channel 0, 1, 100, or some random number in between. I've seen the same behavior with a few others.
  3. Killem

    absolute utter clampongus

    absolute utter clampongus
  4. Killem

    Other Rift icon status suggestion

    "The colour behind the rifts changes when a match is started. Yellow when started and not finished or when the other guy fought too. And red when its completed." Ex: These images
  5. Killem

    Other Suggestions: Rifts, Scroller, PainW, Dom

    •A way to cancel matchmaking for rifts. •^^^or instead of that, given a red ticket after certain amount of times of not being able to find a match. •A scroller to make scrolling through units easier. •Painwheel using special moves out of flight hazard. •It's also a bit unexpected that the word...