• [2018/06/22]
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  1. nesteaisnasty

    Bug - Normal Accolades not having any available rewards

    (not a problem with my account but a friend's that has asked me to use my forum account to share his problem) Hi, level 50 here with most of the story complete, yet I didn't get any reward. I can't really become level 10, 20, 30 again can I? What's the deal with it? Please fix it. Thank you...
  2. nesteaisnasty

    Bug - Normal screen doesn't reply to my touch

    after reaching the 22 mil milestone i had a softlock. i didn't really care bc it happened before with the halloween event and it didn't harm my streak so i knew i just had to restart the app. but after the softlock the app doesn't respond to my touch correctly! i press rifts and get special...
  3. nesteaisnasty

    Fights The (main) problem with Rift Battle mode

    This game is pretty much polished in every way possible but there's always some kind of trouble when it comes to real people playing with each other. Rifts were unbalanced in the very beginning, then the catalysts came but also the matching was fixed. But within some time the matching became...
  4. nesteaisnasty

    Bug - Normal Ms. Fortune's MA doesn't work

    My Just Kitten has a fully upgraded MA but for some reason it doesn't work sometimes. Not a single Enrage in 30 seconds! It's a general problem with Fortunes and buffs since sometimes even Meow and Furrever doesn't get her SA buffs either.
  5. nesteaisnasty

    Bug - Normal No XP/100% chapter rewards

    Guess what? Another bug that left me without the supposed XP and rewards. Peacock daily master difficulty. Boss level, used SG and a Robo to upgrade. Was supposed to get about 12k XP but got only 2k as if I replayed the level which I didn't. Also no rewards screen at all. I did get coins but...
  6. nesteaisnasty

    Bug - Normal No XP added

    For some reason only BB got her XP while others didn't. I thought it was just a visual glitch but no! The action just didn't happen and my new FF is still level one. A few minutes in and I'm already finding bugs? Disappointing. I want my XP and no situations like this again.
  7. nesteaisnasty

    Bug - Normal Health left percentage doesn't appear

    It's not a permanent bug yet it appears from time to time. Sometimes the percentage just doesn't appear at all. Mostly it happens after the new fighter has tagged in/out/was defeated.
  8. nesteaisnasty

    Bug - Normal Characters facing the opposite side after defeating an opponent.

    It's happened several times but basically if one character beats another one they will face the opposite side up until the point someone makes a move. In this case Eliza was standing like this for 6 seconds (the whole time she was stunned) and only Squigly's bb made her turn around,
  9. nesteaisnasty

    Bug - Normal Visual bug constantly getting in my way of playing

    So I keep having this awful bug where the screen has a bunch of black squares going from a little space in the corner to the whole screen and it really bugs me and comes in my way of fighting. It appears almost everywhere: fights, pf menu, daily events and others... I tried re-uploading the app...
  10. nesteaisnasty

    Eliza "Stand Out" - Strategy and Discussion

    I've seen quite a lot of people getting Stand Out so I decided to start a thread on her abilities. What's your opinion on this natural diamond? Personally I use her against annoying fighters like Untouchable, Resonant Evil and Armed Forces so she can prevent them from gaining buffs and fill her...
  11. nesteaisnasty

    Bug - Normal Parasoul visual bug

    After tagging in, Parasoul turns into a glitchy silhouette and stays in that form even after the end of the battle. Also her throws are unbreakable for some reason...