• [2018/06/22]
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  1. K

    Other Longshot missions aren't resolving

    This is really annoying. I had a 2x Longshot mission and I carefully calculated my power level so that the enemy would be more than 2x my power in a prize fight I won, but it didn't complete the mission! Thinking maybe the bug is because my fighters evolved after the fight, I tried rift battles...
  2. K

    Resolved Rift battle power changes after viewing fight

    In a rift battle, when I tap on a fight and the power level of the fight is lower than when I was viewing it on the map. Then if I exit back out to the map the power level maintains its lowered number. Here are some screenshots demonstrating the bug: https://imgur.com/a/HQS88i4 This does not...
  3. K

    How does automatic censorship work in this forum?

    The first time I tried to post, I encountered an error saying my post was spam-like. It turns out I wasn't allowed to include a hyperlink, even though it was just a hyperlink to another post in this forum. But the error message did nothing to explain what was wrong with my post so it was just up...
  4. K

    Has the 3.1 release made the game harder?

    After the 3.1 release, I noticed I started losing fights that I would have beaten previously. If the game really is harder, I'm guessing that would have to be because of a change to the AI. Like it's more aggressive, or its abilities have been tweaked. I sometimes feel like it's harder to break...