• [2018/06/22]
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  1. bestsuperblox65

    New Natural Diamond Speculation

    "I eat twirlz" Lol
  2. bestsuperblox65

    Story Master Difficulty!

  3. bestsuperblox65

    OFFICIAL: Sync PvP at Combo Breaker 2019 and Beyond!

    Dang, I hate to miss out. I would pay to have one of those cards. It'd be cool if we could have a in-game PF where first place gets necro. So if the console/PC Skullgirls is getting ported to Switch, that means the team is still alive. I wonder if anything big is in the books for Skullgirls as...
  4. bestsuperblox65

    Fights Assist moves & Double snaps

    Here's a idea I think would be pretty cool. In the Console/PC Skullgirls, you could have characters on the bench pop onstage to do a move. What if we allowed that in mobile? Holding the character you want to do a move with would trigger it. Another thing that was unique to this was "Double...
  5. bestsuperblox65

    Dealing with Ms. Fortune's Gold PF

    You should do guides on the other modes too.
  6. bestsuperblox65

    Need help

  7. bestsuperblox65

  8. bestsuperblox65

    Story Story mode and origins.

    Am I the only person who wants another difficulty for story mode? I'm so far through the game that the only challenge comes from the online modes. With Diamond cards existing,it could be fun fighting through the story again against them. Origin storys with a master difficulty would be exciting too.
  9. bestsuperblox65

    Catalyst Discussion

    Adding "Armor Rating" to the node below the boss should be a crime. 10% chance for armor for 5 seconds mixed with 10% for armor for 15 with Resonant Evil.
  10. bestsuperblox65

    Heavy handed rework?

    Changing her enrages to a timer-based persistent buff would be pretty strong. Or add precision stacks to the enrage to make her ability a little more useful (a 5 enrage critical hit, with 4 critical hits for later).
  11. bestsuperblox65

    Resolved Relic/Prize Fight order?

    What is the order of the Relics in the store? I'm desperate for Ms. Fortunes and wondering if I should even wait for the cat's relics.
  12. bestsuperblox65

    Other High Quality Optional Patch?

    So they reduced the quality of thr VO lines in 3.1. What if we could download higher quality voiceover lines? You could remove the Japanese lines and make them a optional download too. The players who need space can play the game as is. The players who can spare some space can play with high...
  13. bestsuperblox65

    Fortune Ideas?

    Permanent precision sounds like a nightmare to fight. Rojoice painwheel mains though.
  14. bestsuperblox65

    Fortune Ideas?

    I think the bonus Coins and EXP would be nice, but they would never stick that to a character. Perhaps to a special move slot as a bonus?
  15. bestsuperblox65

    Fortune Ideas?

    Yes! I refuse to upgrade Fifth of Dismember solely because of that. They could nerf the damage bonus and remove the self inflicted damage and it would be so much better.
  16. bestsuperblox65


    "If these puns don't kill you, I will." Anyone else love Robo's lines?
  17. bestsuperblox65

    Fortune Ideas?

    You can queue up multiple head moves by tapping twice. I think there's another thread for that.
  18. bestsuperblox65

    Fortune Ideas?

    Any good concepts for new Fortune varients? Personally, I think there needs to be a skin that encourages using Fortune's head. Maybe her SA1 could be "Head hits have a 20% chance to apply bleed for 5-10 seconds, and SA2 being "25% crit rate against bleeding opponents". Your ideas?