• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Mentos

    SG Custom Fighters

    too lazy to do the rest of the final bosses so i'll just dump what i have
  2. Mentos

    Bug - Normal High streak AI is really stupid

    After the new update the AI in PFs has been acting really weird. It's still the same as before in rifts, but in PFs specifically, the ai is really slow, use SMs randomly and refuse to tag out when low on HP. The reason i think this is a bug is because there was nothing about it in patch notes...
  3. Mentos

    OFFICIAL: 3.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    She's essentially a safer bhd, but she'll probably be a meme after this change
  4. Mentos

    OFFICIAL: 3.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Armor Break is not as good as it sounds, not on BMF anyway. She has only 4k atk when maxed in gold and a 25% boost does nothing to help that. But it's okay, she's a Filia and relies on bleed to do damage. Bleed is already a counter to armor, it goes straight through it, what in the world is that...
  5. Mentos

    Rift battle general discussion

    lmao chill we haven't even tried the new boss yet
  6. Mentos

    sad af

    sad af
  7. Mentos

    Rift battles - Tricky defenses.

    Don't really know how to feel about this. Since most people have at least a couple of maxed silvers it would be easier to battle against them, no? Anyway, i'll try it out and see what sticks, thanks.
  8. Mentos

    Rift battles - Tricky defenses.

    neat idea!
  9. Mentos

    Peacock's "Cast Party"-Marquee feels too strong on rifts

    not really, imo cast party should only work if peacock is alive
  10. Mentos

    SG Custom Fighters

    Best girl coming through
  11. Mentos

    "BAD HAIR DAY" - Strategy and Discussion

    L5 > Twist > Gregor or Drill.
  12. Mentos

    Takes 1 unflinching proc to drive a man to depression

    Takes 1 unflinching proc to drive a man to depression
  13. Mentos

    OFFICIAL: 2.7.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    lol grudge gives painwheel the ability to completely shut down crit fighters and survive an entire combo with 1-5 stacks of enrage and people still say it's a bad ma
  14. Mentos

    A Big Band Tier List

    how is dick lower than resonant?
  15. Mentos

    All Characters Tier List, Offense and Defense (Outdated from 2.6 on, read top disclaimer)

    On rare occasions when he does stay, he has the ability to regen most of his hp if you don't have a counter. Also G.I has like 7k more hp than sax lol
  16. Mentos

    rip burst meta never forget

    rip burst meta never forget
  17. Mentos


  18. Mentos

    2.6 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    damn that's woke dude