• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Ignis

    Bug - Normal Where are my mails?

    Hi, I have a problem with the mail. The issue is that for months I am keeping gold characters (Prize fights) for later claiming them and evolve some diamond because I have no space in the collection (and I do not like to fill it with duplicate gold characters) but today checking how many...
  2. Ignis

    About prizes fights rewards

    Hello everyone, a quick question, have the reward characters ever changed in the prize fights or have they always been the same since the game was launched?
  3. Ignis

    Bug - Normal Error 8.UDE.19 then i lost the streak

    Hello I want to report the error 8.UDE.19 it has been twice that I lose the streak (+20 fights) for the same situation. It is not my Internet connection because even if I turn off the wifi and use the 4G of my phone the error does not disappear. It happens when selecting enemy team so after tap...
  4. Ignis

    Bug - Crash Painwheel crash the game

    So i'm on filia's silver fight prize with a 17 streak and the game crashed when i did a combo with SM gae bolga stinger, then it happened 3 more times for the same reason so i decided not use painwheel but in a next 12 streak opponent painwheel tag in and the game crashed again... i lost the...