• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Lolleroni

    Other Automatically filter eligible fighters when selecting new team

    When I select fighters for my next match via the "TEAM" button, can the game filter out my unusable characters by default (via the green check circle)? I don't really see why not.
  2. Lolleroni

    OFFICIAL: 2.0.1 Update Notes (LIVE)

    Looking forward to the changes, mostly filter/sort and performance improvements!
  3. Lolleroni

    Other Quick Play and the Complete Removal of the Mode

    Sorry in advance that this post is only tangentially related to OP's topic. This is a general UI review. Answering some of those questions is hard without an oversight of the UI decisions as a whole. http://imgur.com/a/AHF9c Problems: Currently, creating teams is not fast. As a user, I want...
  4. Lolleroni

    Is there any way to evade Unblockable BBs?

    AI doesn't seem to use them when they can be avoided, but it is possible for YOU to miss with a BB3. For example, Filia's Fenrir Drive can activate early and completely whiff if there is no enemy on the screen and you are too far to hit them on incoming.
  5. Lolleroni

    Trouble with Unflinching?

    Don't grab them. I actually hardly ever use grab, because AI throw techs it (even when they're stunned!). If you can hit the enemy while they aren't blocking, they will try to block, even though they are unflinching. Keep tapping to repeat your ground combo ( that means no launching or sweeping)...
  6. Lolleroni

    What is BURST for?

    No, that's exactly what it's for - escaping a normal combo string on the ground. It's most useful before the enemy uses its launcher. It would definitely be more useful if you can use it in the air, but you can't. You can try to use it to try to save yourself after attacking a blocking enemy...
  7. Lolleroni

    Bug - Normal Resonant Evil Big Band Passive Ability Not Stunning Player

    I was combo'ing an opponent Resonant Evil Big Band, and I saw myself get stunned because I was attacking him while he had armor. I was in the air when I was stunned and was able to continue my combo by continuing to tap, even using a Dynamo when I hit the ground. I expected to be stunned and...
  8. Lolleroni

    Other Quick Play and the Complete Removal of the Mode

    I didn't play before Quick Play, but I can confirm that leveling up bronze is such a chore. The best way is to carry 2 bronze with one strong character in PF, but because organizing your team takes so long, I spend so much time in menus that I get fed up and just play with my higher level...
  9. Lolleroni

    Other Music

    I wish there was a map or song selection. I love the song "Clear Breeze" (New Meridian Rooftops), but I rarely get to hear it. Given the option, I'd choose this song for all my battles.
  10. Lolleroni

    Other Better optimization for Android devices?

    This game is playable on a Nexus 6, but suboptimal. Screens like the main menu, map, etc. are fast, but when it comes to my collection, it slows down to a crawl. Idling on the Team screen (after you click on the Team button) puts me at under 20 FPS. Dragging and dropping is also sluggish. I...
  11. Lolleroni

    Resolved AI burst after death

    The second option. The bug here is that the AI uses a move after it has already been killed. Dead AI characters should not use moves, even if it does not affect the player.
  12. Lolleroni

    Resolved AI burst after death

    If you defeat the opponent's current character (and not its last character?) and that character had an unused burst, there is a chance that the AI will use the burst after death. The sound will go off and the dead character's skill will appear to go on cooldown (I think?), but there will be no...
  13. Lolleroni

    Moisterrific's Peacock Tier List and Recommended Builds

    Untouchable peacock is really hard to fight against if you're under their FS. Unflinching peacock can't be contested, given how good peacock's skills are. Just getting hit by one george's day out or argus agony can lead to easy death. I like Filia vs peacock, because she can dash in really fast...
  14. Lolleroni

    Parasoul's frame data feels kinda... off.

    Some BB are easier to punish than others, and it also depends on which character you're using. Punishing a blocked Argus Agony is a lot easier with Filia than with Big Band, because she can dash into melee range a lot quicker. I don't really like using napalm pillar, since AI blocks it very...
  15. Lolleroni

    Resonant Evil Big Band

    I really like his ability to gain armor! At 5 stacks, he takes virtually no damage. He can negate many BB3 moves and even get a punish afterwards! Now, instead of trying to sacrifice my weakest character to a BB3, I just have him tank it! Even better, the taunt moves that give armor are actually...
  16. Lolleroni

    In what order should I do my upgrades?

    I invested in some bronze characters, which still have utility for doing bronze prize fights. Some bronze characters are really good and some have even better signature abilities than some golds. Most notably, Bad Hair Day Filia is my favorite bronze. She gets a chance to bleed on attack, which...
  17. Lolleroni

    Other Mobile App Feedback

    I think that it could BRING more attention to Skullgirls! The fighting system is intuitive and could be a gateway game for people who never knew they liked fighting games. I can't say I condone the gacha system, but it's a valid business strategy. Like others have stated, they really reward...
  18. Lolleroni

    Optimal combo string

    Dash attack (Slide right) -> Ground combo (Tap 5x) -> Launch (Slide up) -> Air combo (Tap 3x) This launches the enemy away from you, toward the right. If you land close to them, you can follow with a ground extension: Sweep (Slide down) Tag out with Hammer Toss. Diamond Dynamo will also hit...
  19. Lolleroni

    Eliza's Sekhmet Mode opinions

    I completely agree with Moisterrific. I was excited for the Diva Intervention Eliza, because she looks so good on paper, but I can never deal any damage with Sekhmet. The AI always blocks and then throws appropriately. Her stats seem decent, but coupled with a really punishable sweep, it makes...