• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Hermech_Crab

    Eyes on the Prize! The Prize Fight Tier List!

    As this game developed more and more over the last year, I came to a realization: While some fighters are usually better in all around places, there are some places where they truly shine and others where they become completely unviable. One only has to look at Gene Therapy's PF to get a grasp...
  2. Hermech_Crab

    Other Experience bar toggle option on teambuilding screen

    As it is now, before getting into a battle you have the ability to see all the energy for each and every fighter you own. However, if you want to see which fighter is closest to leveling up, you'd have to check each one manually or keep track of them yourself. It's a bit of a nuisance...
  3. Hermech_Crab

    Geatish Trepak not counting as a Grab

    For a long while, I've noticed something strange with Geatish Trepak, Beowulf's russian kicking super that starts with a grab. When using my WolfBane, I Geatish Trepak would never trigger Force Choke ever, while Lupine Pummel did it about every time. Which was a bit bizarre, both supers are...