• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Dennis Aguilar

    Fights Please, return Prizefights with equal matches.

    I only ask to fight again with fighters with FS equal or similar to those of my fighters without having to climb those tedious steps of low FS. Why did you decide to change this combat mode when it was perfect? My strong fighters waste their energy in these types of staggered combats, starting...
  2. Dennis Aguilar

    Fights The Prized Fights ruined?

    Hi Team Skullgirls. In this update I'm a little disappointed, because I'm heading to Prizefights and I fight with low nives, less than 1000 strength and my fighters are 6000 forces. I'm just gaining experience too low. No fights are equal to my fighters anymore and I do not want to use my level...
  3. Dennis Aguilar

    Other Extra Costumes, Suits

    Hello Team Skullgirls !!! You know, I'd love for you to create some extra costumes to buy with either money or theonites, to change a bit the appearance of our favorite fighters. I would pay to change the suit to my fighters, and make them look more attractive. If you could color the fighters'...
  4. Dennis Aguilar

    Other Premium Days

    Hi dear team Skullgirls!!! Why do not you add premium days? I would like there to be premium days where your energy bars do not wear out that day, and I do not wait for my fighters to recharge. It is very annoying to wait for your fighters to recharge when you have a lot of free time to take...
  5. Dennis Aguilar

    Resolved I could not get out of the fight

    Hello Team Skullgirls. This day I was making a fight where my Golden Filia lost the fight which also caused the death of the opponent and in a victory for my team because I still had other fighters alive; but I could not get out of the fight until the game closed. As I read in the last...
  6. Dennis Aguilar

    Please, Eliza chance dress

    Hello, thank you very much for taking into consideration my opinions regarding future updates of Skullgirls Android. I wonder if any of them changed Eliza Oro's dress or suit of light? She appears in an elegant blue or light blue dress, but when you play with her, it is not the same as in the...
  7. Dennis Aguilar

    Other Please, updates with more options!!!

    hello, thank you very much for the great game Skullgirls for android. I would like relics of specific fighters, such as Cerebella de oro, water element and Filia de oro, light element, among others. Could you make specific relics to obtain them? I would also like to obtain relics sacrificing...