• [2018/06/22]
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  1. zack crimson

    How am I supposed to defeat such an opponent?

    I need help guys, since I recently got my first gold, Epic sax Big Band, I decided to grind the expert Big Band event, everything went smoothly until I faced the final boss: Private Dick Big Band with: 100% bonus health, 15% chance on hit to get invulnerability (what is this), 15% chance on hit...
  2. zack crimson

    I need tips on leveling up and getting high tier characters

    Hi there! I am a veteran PC Skullgirls player and is by far my favorite fighting game, and I was really happy Lab Zero launched a mobile version. So far I've loved it, and as I battle and defeat my opponents with ease I begin to get stuck, not because of my opponents, but because of lack of...