• [2018/06/22]
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    Some development explains how to complete this challenge . The only character I could possibly get is Eliza but the modifier overrides i
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    Fights Exit the match

    It is getting impossible to play PvP, out of 10 fights you make 9 abandon the game. What should be done is that if they left the game it would count as defeat, or else they would take a punishment.
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    Pontuação na disputa

    Existe algum cálculo para saber quantos pontos vou ganhar em uma luta na disputa premiada?
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    Bug - Normal Bug

    What I meant is that I fought the blue screen and used blockbuster to defeat, even so it didn't explode, it got up, attacked and exploded on its own after that. Another time was when again I used blockbuster to defeat, it didn't explode, it blocked and exploded out of nowhere.