• [2018/06/22]
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  1. JazzWasHere

    Big Band Event ( Master )

    Okay so all three of these are quite frustrating when they activate a lot. I tried blocking so the unflinching can expire but as soon I attack reactive armor then unflinching then immovable object. I don't fully tap the whole combo. I tap once then launch so I wouldn't try to activate armor...
  2. JazzWasHere


    Did they patch being able to buy Bronze, Sliver, and Gold moves in the relics?
  3. JazzWasHere

    Tips on leveling up

    Before the prize fights system were change. I used to use my strongest fighter and carry on low levels to get them to the max level. Ex. Using one sliver character in the sliver prize fight to max out my bronze characters. Also using one gold character in the gold fights to max out my sliver...
  4. JazzWasHere

    Prize fights

    How much points would you need to gain in Bronze, Sliver, and Gold to get in rank 1-10?
  5. JazzWasHere

    Evolving Fighter

    So I been playing for a month now and I just max out some of my fighters. When evolving characters would you max out the fighters you sacrificing skill tree too?