• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Lolleroni

    Other Automatically filter eligible fighters when selecting new team

    When I select fighters for my next match via the "TEAM" button, can the game filter out my unusable characters by default (via the green check circle)? I don't really see why not.
  2. Lolleroni

    Bug - Normal Resonant Evil Big Band Passive Ability Not Stunning Player

    I was combo'ing an opponent Resonant Evil Big Band, and I saw myself get stunned because I was attacking him while he had armor. I was in the air when I was stunned and was able to continue my combo by continuing to tap, even using a Dynamo when I hit the ground. I expected to be stunned and...
  3. Lolleroni

    Resolved AI burst after death

    If you defeat the opponent's current character (and not its last character?) and that character had an unused burst, there is a chance that the AI will use the burst after death. The sound will go off and the dead character's skill will appear to go on cooldown (I think?), but there will be no...
  4. Lolleroni

    Resonant Evil Big Band

    I really like his ability to gain armor! At 5 stacks, he takes virtually no damage. He can negate many BB3 moves and even get a punish afterwards! Now, instead of trying to sacrifice my weakest character to a BB3, I just have him tank it! Even better, the taunt moves that give armor are actually...
  5. Lolleroni

    Optimal combo string

    Dash attack (Slide right) -> Ground combo (Tap 5x) -> Launch (Slide up) -> Air combo (Tap 3x) This launches the enemy away from you, toward the right. If you land close to them, you can follow with a ground extension: Sweep (Slide down) Tag out with Hammer Toss. Diamond Dynamo will also hit...
  6. Lolleroni

    Optimal combo string

    This is the combo I use, and it should work on all parasouls with the full combo upgrades. If you don't have all the combo upgrades, you ground and air combos will just be a little shorter. Dash attack (Slide right) -> Ground combo (Tap 5x) -> Launch (Slide up) -> Air combo (Tap 3x) -> Sweep...
  7. Lolleroni

    Bug - Crash Parasoul Yawn crashing game

    Description: The game crashes after the AI Parasoul uses the silver yawn move during a fight. I don't have the move, so I can't test whether it crashes when I use it. This only happens for certain Parasoul + Yawn combinations, from what I've seen. Character: Gold Princess Pride Parasoul -...
  8. Lolleroni

    How to beat unflinching enemies?

    It feels like there is no outplaying them. I tried to use as many grab specials and blockbusters, but my characters just died in 3 hits. Do I just have to grind out levels until the few amount of times I can hit them in the face kills them?
  9. Lolleroni

    What does evolving do to your current skill tree?

    I see that evolving will reset my level, but will it reset my skill tree, too? If it wipes it, I need to not invest so heavily in my bronze characters that I'm trying to evolve.