• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Nigfoi

    Other Event rewards indicator

    I believe it it would be useful to put some type of indicator on prize fight event rewards. Just to let players know that with their current score they’ll be in a certain percential of players. This will help instead of me blind grinding crossing my fingers that I’m in 1-10% then waking up and...
  2. Nigfoi

    Other Duels

    I got your point lol idk about fun to each his own but “it’s just there” sums how little thought I think was put it in to it but that’s just me.
  3. Nigfoi

    Other Duels

    I feel you but I get enough practice going through prize fights with this game if theirs no reward feels like a waste of time playing
  4. Nigfoi

    Characters Daily events + Relics

    I think adding character relics to daily events would be pretty cool. Say after finishing a map on each difficulty you get that characters relic.
  5. Nigfoi

    Other Duels

    So there are no rewards for dueling you don’t even get xp for the fights. Makes the feature pretty useless just feels tacked on.
  6. Nigfoi

    squiggly op

    Squiglys Inferno of leviathan needs a patch , she’s just op period with her almost inifinite potential of combos. Yet she’s given a blockbuster that circles the the screen a hits you from the back. This move is so op that even if she is stunned and the move is still in effect it can hit and...
  7. Nigfoi

    Other Special Moves and Blockbusters

    I think your modifiers have gotten out of hand at times makes it hard to enjoy the game. I get you guys want to make this game challenging but not everyone is a try hard. At first I let Some of them go but this catatonia is my last straw. I enjoy the game but I want to put it down for weeks on...
  8. Nigfoi

    Fun Moments

    Very excited with the new update love the game. I think the devs could chill out on the modifiers though this catatonia is pure frustration.