• [2018/06/22]
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  1. RedRidingHoodie

    "STAR-CROSSED" - Speculation and Discussion

    i can't wait to get another perma-stun chara and abuse the hell out of the SA [:<
  2. RedRidingHoodie

    OFFICIAL: 2.2 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    -sobs cause no squigly- looking forward to defense teams tho, my armed forces and resonant evil are begging for some use! also glad about being able to take screenshots w/o worrying about my name showing :D
  3. RedRidingHoodie

    How far can one get without in-app purchases?

    I'm a level 47 who routinely makes top 10% in pfs when i put in the time, i have about 12(?) golds, and i haven't spent a cent in the game thus far (cause i can't). When I'm able to I'll probably buy some stuff to say thank you though. That nice thing about this game is that with enough...
  4. RedRidingHoodie

    Please, Eliza chance dress

    What if you just made the dress on the card white? That might be easier to implement
  5. RedRidingHoodie

    Which Origin are you looking forward to the most?

    i'd really like to know how filia got to where she is now, or at least how she got along with samson at the beginning. some beo or eliza backstory would also be good
  6. RedRidingHoodie

    Some questions

    never max the energy tree first, focus on SA/atk/hp, then maybe if you have coins and points to spare put them into energy. but you don't really see a big enough difference to warrant maxing it first
  7. RedRidingHoodie

    Community Time Capsule!

    the only rule of sgm "Back in my day, Big Band was so OP that we named the game after him!" Thank god we got rid that awful green logo screen The joys of owning peacock
  8. RedRidingHoodie

    What Squigly palettes are you most excited for?

    i'd honestly be happy with any set of palettes, they're all great. although if i had to choose, i'd go with 4, 6, 7, 8, 14, 18, 21
  9. RedRidingHoodie

    Fights Game Mechanics Tweaks

    do you mean a feature where you can click on an enemy fighter in the opponent selection screen to see their SA? because that could be extremely useful.
  10. RedRidingHoodie

    Special Valentine's Day Prize Fight

    i found this pf to be quite interesting, tbh. the modifiers were fun, they forced me to be a little more strategic, and the val stipulation actually helped me out with levelling. however it was very obvious that this pf was inaccessible for anyone who doesn't have grinding and streak building...
  11. RedRidingHoodie

    Who's on FIRST?

    Wulfsbane is objectively the best in the game
  12. RedRidingHoodie

    Evolving Fighter

    you don't need to do anything to the fighters you're planning to sacrifice, it doesn't really affect the evolved fighter
  13. RedRidingHoodie

    Bronze to Silver evolution

    Never underestimate the power of an evolved silver. I have a rerun, an understudy, and an icy hot that work quite nicely for me most of the time; once you max the skill tree and find gold and silver moves with good stats, you can go far with evolved silvers. I personally suggest both Elizas...
  14. RedRidingHoodie

    What do you think Squigly will be like?

    i think her stances would work a lot like hype mode, instead of the way they do on console, since that would make her more vulnerable. maybe they could be incorporated into her charge attack, make it a 2 for 1 deal
  15. RedRidingHoodie

    OFFICIAL: Skullgirls Login / Account Migration FAQ

    nope, you use your current email address, and create a new password for the Skullgirls account
  16. RedRidingHoodie

    What palettes and signature abilities do you hope to see for future fighters?

    So these are my picks: Squigly & Eliza - honestly i'd be hapoy with any palette, they're all great Filia - 8,9,10,20,25 Cerebella - 9,10,13,16,17,21 Peacock - 5,10,13,14,15,21 Parasoul - 6,11,13,14,16,20 Ms. Fortune - 3,4,9,12,13,21,22 Painwheel - 4,15,17,18,22,25 Valentine - 3,4,5,10,18,22,6,12...
  17. RedRidingHoodie

    Resolved Unable to get into SGM, Glitched "Play" button

    Been having the same problem for about a half hour, Android version 7.0, game version 1.6.0 EDIT: i just tried turning my Wi-Fi off and on again, and that seemed to fix it
  18. RedRidingHoodie

    Pointless Relic Buying

    So I just saved up 150 Theonite and waited patiently for today so I could buy a Valentine Relic and possibly get Last Hope Valentine, who I've wanted for ages. Which Valentine did I get? Icy Hot. Who I already have. Yeah I used the new one to power up the existing one, but it's extremely...