• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Lunix Vandal

    Invisible Shiny Experience Points

    This is the reason for the sudden level jump, but there's no need to sacrifice in a specific order unless you're also evolving the target -- your invested fighter will end at the same level and you will get the same number of Skill Points regardless. When you Shiny Transfer onto an invested...
  2. Lunix Vandal

    What is FINAL STAND

    As long as you have Final Stand active, you can't be KO'd by damage -- no matter how much of a beating you take, you'll be left with 1% HP. In fights, it's represented by the buff icon with a heart on a yellow background. (Protip: You can check what any status effect does during a battle --...
  3. Lunix Vandal

    4.9.2 Update Notes (Now Live!)

    I don't think an official reason has been given, but I've assumed that the time shift makes it easier for HVS and/or server-room staff to intervene as needed as events start and end -- having a human verify results the anticheat system has flagged as suspicious, applying emergency server-side...
  4. Lunix Vandal

    4.9.2 Update Notes (Now Live!)

    My thoughts on the PAs, as presented:
  5. Lunix Vandal

    Sacced fighters give a base amount based on their rarity, plus 10% of their XP total, plus up to...

    Sacced fighters give a base amount based on their rarity, plus 10% of their XP total, plus up to 1.5x for matching character/element. Even in the best case, the vast majority of the XP you gave to the fodder is lost forever. Given that, I doubt I will ever intentionally feed XP to throwaway...
  6. Lunix Vandal

    Just pulled another Model Leader. I have the coins. I have the keys. I have a thousand-plus...

    Just pulled another Model Leader. I have the coins. I have the keys. I have a thousand-plus energy refills and dozens of XP boosts she can mainline. How abso-hecking-lutely toxic do I wanna make my Rift ... ?
  7. Lunix Vandal

    Has the prize fights event reward percentages changed?

    Here's a link to that file, for those interested. As the devs point out (many, many times) in the Score Reports thread: The score targets for all of the Prize FIghts are still changing rapidly as the player base acclimates to the 4.8 update. Note that even in the later months of 4.7 when...
  8. Lunix Vandal

    Bug - Normal Marquee Ability not working

    I don't have one marquee'd myself to confirm, but this may be a case of Lapis Luxury's SA overriding her MA -- when a teammate dies, she gains a big chunk of meter from Ritual Sacrifice, but then on tag-in the first half of Turning Tides activates and resets her meters to match the opponent's...
  9. Lunix Vandal

    Resolved Inconsistent Filia/Fukua behavior

    Ah, that would explain it -- not cancelling the L5 during the PF due to lack of sleep, but then doing it by muscle memory while "testing" Filia the next day (and forgetting to on Fukua because I'd already convinced myself it wouldn't work). :oops: (I also gave it a few tries on the other three...
  10. Lunix Vandal

    Resolved Inconsistent Filia/Fukua behavior

    During this week's Fukua PF, I was surprised to see myself dropping combos against Fukua that I knew to work on Filia. This evening I was able to confirm in training mode: Painwheel's Dash > L5 > Gae Bolga Stinger > L5 fully combos against Filia both midstage and in the corner. Against Fukua...
  11. Lunix Vandal

    4.8 Update Notes (Live now!)

    AFAIK, it's a this-week-only thing, due to the timing of the update happening halfway through the Eliza PF's normally-scheduled time. Starting with next week's Big Band and Cerebella events we'll be back to the pre-update schedule (i.e. Band on Mon-Wed, Bella on Thurs-Sat).
  12. Lunix Vandal

    More Health Points, Yet still lost?

    Correct. There is no "win by decision" in SGM -- the only way to win is to KO all opposing fighters before the timer runs out.
  13. Lunix Vandal

    New Combos with air launchers?

    Previously, I would typically rotate between two simple combos on Parasoul: L5 > Launch > A3 > Sweep to build meter/tears and L5 > Canopy Bounce > Silent Scope to get kills. With the launcher change, she can now combine them into L5 > Launch > A3 > Canopy Bounce > Silent Scope. It's a pretty...
  14. Lunix Vandal

    Halloween - Costume Party Prize Fight

    Same, on all counts. Hopefully I'll have better luck with my 4.5 relic stockpile!
  15. Lunix Vandal

    Inner Pieces Eliza discussion

    The 4.3 palette also changed Horace's colors -- now he's Dhar instead of a second Roti.
  16. Lunix Vandal

    Robo Fortune Daily Event

    I was actually in an even worse position for Master Robo Dailies until just a few weeks ago -- my only Robo with over 5k FS is Blue Screen. What worked for me was powering through the Treasure nodes with Blockbusters whenever I could survive the Power Surges: Cannon Alpha and Cannon Omega...
  17. Lunix Vandal

    (4.3) Fighter SA rework discussion

    I think you're right -- by my count there's five seconds of unpaused time between the start of Fracture Reaper and the killing hit of Buer Overdrive. The displayed stack of Enrage ticks down halfway in that time. I wouldn't really call 10 seconds "long-lasting," but at least it's enough to chain...
  18. Lunix Vandal

    [Guide] How to get the best value for your theonite

    Oops! I had just gotten home from working an overtime shift with not enough sleep when I saw the thread, and misread the 0.82 probability for a Bronze from normal Premieres as a 0.82 for a Gold from each 10+1. :oops: Coins do come out slightly ahead on Silver fighters when you figure in the...
  19. Lunix Vandal

    [Guide] How to get the best value for your theonite

    Thanks for posting the math on this! It's worth noting that v4.2's Hyper Ultimate Variety Pack sits in between the two options you analyzed in terms of efficiency. Per 10,000 Theonite: Premiere 10+1 Vouchers: 110 Relics (as ten 10+1 vouchers), with an average yield of ... 82 Bronze fighters...
  20. Lunix Vandal

    Fukua Daily Event

    Yeah, I'd say Fukua's daily is pretty well-balanced -- it needs more skill (or Curse + Immunity support) than most if you're trying to longshot thanks to the effective +50% Max HP, "No BB1s Allowed" Fatigue-on-hit, and the fast-stacking Miasma, but overall it's nothing that can't be solved with...