• [2018/06/22]
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    Lost my characters and progress- please help

    So I have been logged into this game with google for a number of weeks, and today signed in with a line account I made on my iPad. This worked fine. When I later signed in to line from my phone, i guess it deleted my iPad line data, and now I've lost everything. I can't get back to that account...
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    I have found that the AI simply has better timing, cause if I'm quick, I can usually do the same thing you're reporting where I punish their combo after blocking it. What I usually find works is to block the combo, then use the block stun on their last hit (and you can ignore launchers and...
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    Is Event or Prize Fight Modes a good way to gain exp?

    Powering up your fighters, I find, is a pretty small benefit. The exp can usually be beaten pretty easily by prize fights. The way I usually do it is this: if I'm certain I will have no use for a bronze/silver fighter (never give up a gold), I will level it a bit for the skill points, and only...
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    Fights On the subject of Invincible Fullscreen Unblockables

    To address RorouniLoneWolf: I have actually been playing only since after the hard launch To address the recent posts generally: I made it through the mid game without spending money and without much trouble of BB3's. And to challenge myself, in light of this thread, I have recently redone a...
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    Fights On the subject of Invincible Fullscreen Unblockables

    I played about 25 hours before passing the point where BB3's mean nothing to my main team. Although, they didn't mean much before, except that they made the game more fun because my wins were no longer 100% guaranteed, I actually had to try. I'm not a casual player I guess, but that's why it...
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    Fights On the subject of Invincible Fullscreen Unblockables

    Once I had 3 gold, I basically stopped buying relics, and just started farming gold prize fights. Once you hit the Aeon/Venus teams, even with the recent update, you can just keep picking them and farming them, as they are relatively easy to beat. My rule to get a streak that high was to choose...
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    All combat effects explained!

    If stun refreshed, parasite Weave Filia would be overpowered, as her special is that crits have a chance to stun for 3 seconds so you can just keep ground comboing them, if stun was refreshed, it could be an infinite combo, or a big band could keep cymbal crashing since multiple specials are...
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    Fights On the subject of Invincible Fullscreen Unblockables

    Personally I prefer the unblockable BB3's. Even before my main team reached 20k, every fight was too easy without them. When my team reached 14k I could take out 22k aeon/Venus teams with a single 4.2k Filia. That's obviously too easy. The only thing that adds a challenge even now (although...
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    It can be. First off, its worth looking at the tier list moisterrific set up which I think mentions which cards are worth evolving. That's for optimal play though. I personally evolved my Bassline Big Band and he's currently my strongest silver card. It's definitely a fast way for more power...
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    Different combos/moves

    Each character (and this is not dependent on different types of a character) has two additions to combos that can be skilled into. The first is an extension to the ground combo. The second is an extension to the air combo. These are in the same skill tree that has the specific character traits...
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    Harlequin Cerebella came through for you at the very last minute with a one-shot bb, although my parasoul had nearly full health before.
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    And in an extremely karmic moment, Moisterrific's 28k team just very barely beat my 15k team. So... yay?
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    I started playing about 11 days ago and the story mode was difficult for a while. As of like 3 days ago, without having dropped any money into the game yet, the game has lost its challenge. I've long since 100%ed the story. I have 5 golds, 3 of whom are over 5k FS. Each of those 3 has little...
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    Which Three Characters is your Main Team right now?

    Primed Parasoul - 39 - 5183 Harlequin Cerebella - 36 - 5587 Parasite Weave Filia - 39 - 5144