• [2018/06/22]
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    I beat 3, 8000 fighters with my 3000 valentine, they gained heavy regeneration every 5 seconds and they consisted of G.I Jazz big band, Armed Forces Cerabella, and Surgeon General Valentine, That is 6 times!!!!!!! My power score. This game is unforgiving, considering these fights are almost...
  2. Paper

    So, let me present my findings.

    I have opened 95 relics. _______________________________________________ I have 72 Bronzes 12 Bronze Valentines 10 Bronze Peacocks 6 Bronze Parasouls 5 Painwheels 6 Bronze Filias 5 Bronze Elizas 2 Bronze Doubles 9 Bronze Cerabellas 6 Bronze Beowolfs...
  3. Paper


    Look, ive opened around 60 or so relics, and have not recieved a singl gold, this is actually becoming straight bullshit...
  4. Paper

    Collection Drop rates!

    Post Legend 1: A Complaint from me 2: A possible balance 3: A request ______________________[1]______________________ Ok, look...i have opened...around 30-40 premier relics and the result are dissappinting to say the least, i have recieved 7 silver cards, and 0 gold cards, i understand that...
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    Characters Please Read! I've got some suggestions and a possible request.

    Please give me a chance. Guide to my post: 1. Hello 2. Fighting improvement recommendation 3. Multiplayer reccomendation 4. Other stuff? 5. Request 6. Goodbye ______________________[1]_______________________ This game has always had a special place in my heart since i first played it about a...