• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Am_Suitcase

    help on Master Challenges on "Who's the Boss?" Downtown?

    Does anyone have an reliable ways of gaining 30 buffs? Its fairly tough with the options were are forced to use in each match. At first, I thought gaining a stack of buffs would count all but it only counts 1 (Like if TaF gets hit she gets 5 stacks of precision and 1 stack of evade; but in...
  2. Am_Suitcase

    Fights Ai spamming Block Mid-Dash or Far Away

    Your good ol suitcase is back again but this time it is something that...kinda peeves him. Something that has constantly peeved this luggage since 2.6. Intercepting; a strong and useful strategy to avoid getting touched and therefore avoid getting bb3'd. Sounds good on paper right...
  3. Am_Suitcase

    Dealing with 3.2 Rifts - A Scumbag Suitcase Story

    Hello all! My name's Am_Suitcase, trustworthy individual and innocent at that! Never did anything wrong at all! And after seeing some feeling 3.2 is very unfair. Do not fret! Ol Suity is here to help! If anything, I think this is rift at it's best. So that is my attempt of my input and...
  4. Am_Suitcase

    Suitcase's Fortune Tier list

    Ol Suity is back with another post lol. This time a Fortune tier list. CHARACTER ABILITY: Head Games Tap the HEAD GAMES button to enter HEADLESS MODE. Ms. Fortune's head can attack independent of her body. But be careful: Ms. Fortune will also suffer any additional damage inflicted to her head...
  5. Am_Suitcase

    Other Current Rift and 3.2

    Hello all, this is good ol Scumbag Suitcase again. This time I kinda want to have another suggestion that I hope can be looked over: I am currently level 70 and a Diamond 4 player with a rift rating of 1,917 at the time of this post. And after the 3.1 update which I refused to rift after a...
  6. Am_Suitcase

    Dealing with Ms. Fortune's Gold PF

    Whats that? Cerebella's PF is ending and shifting to Ms. Fortune's? Oh man get ready then. For this is my first guide! To summarize the Ms. Fortune Gold Prize Fight, it is one of the most hated prize fights of them all. For the reason of it's modifier. Where if a fighter takes out someone and...
  7. Am_Suitcase

    An idea for buffing That's All Folks!

    That's All Folks is an interesting character. Formerly one of the exclusives back then. And sporting one of the most fitting palettes for a character I think some people do want her buffed, i'm not sure if these ideas came out already, but it's something I also thought and hope could make her...